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Eternal Corpse Council - Stormreaver - Horde
Eternal Corpse Council - Mazrigos - Horde
Lethe - Mazrigos - Horde
The Maelstrom - The Twilight Order. - Alliance

Hands down best guild in the world which included IRL trips, unfortunently i were too young to join. I remember Soulslizer as guild leader which sadly left before TBC came out, guild slowly faded.
KaoS Contingency - Shattered Hand - Alliance
rising sun was not on frostmane but on frostmourne EU
Volkstaat - Boulderfist - Horde
Lightning's blade - Tartan army Elites - Horde
Lightning's blade - Ancient Defilers - Horde
Elf Preservation Society - Frostmane - Alliance

char: Dreil
25/11/2017 14:08Posted by Ashiharademo
11/11/2017 19:32Posted by Mool

Twilights Hammer
-Alzheimer (Unsure if he meant the disease or if that's the name :^))
-Lamer crew

No, Alzheimer is not the guild, haha. I can give you 2 names of ally guilds from TH, Covenant, a guild of pvp slakers I made and Untamed a guild of pve dudes I was part of. Can t remember the name of the last nice guild I was in, hence the Alzheimer joke.[/quote]

Hey! Whats the name of your chars in Lamer crew? My char was human pally named Neutrostar.
Eternal Fury - Stormscale - Alliance

Seven Sins - Stormscale - Alliance

Glamour - Stormscale - Alliance
Axiom Knights - Bloodhoof - Alliance

Chimera - Bloodhoof - Alliance
14/11/2017 15:58Posted by Alexia506155
Misanthropes II - The Maelstrom - Horde

Anyone from the guild gonna reroll?


Can you please Add "Valhall" to your list. It was rank 1 raiding guild on Azjol-Nerub, alliance side and "Quartz" Horde side

Myself i was in Prophecy of Light, and Knights of Azeroth (alliance side Azjol-nerub)
Afterlife - Haomarush - Alliance
<Les Chacals> then fused with another guild and became <Obliterate>
Sargeras EU (FR) - Horde
Nazgrel's Henchmen / Fatality - Sunstrider - Horde
Alliance - Earthen Ring - Crescent Moon - Raid Groups - Guildless/Unity Path was where i had so much fun on my hunter Moonstorm and paladin Ergoth.

Horde - Earthen Ring - Phoenix - Titans on my warrior tank and dps Garlok.
Alliance - Shadowmoon
Russian Front
Emerald dream . Guild was called zen .edit for alliance
Save the Whales - Shattered Hand - Horde

Then there was a mass migration and it became:

Save the Whales - Frostmane - Horde
Xstream - Frostwhisper - Alliance
Life - Frostwhisper - Alliance
Eclipse - Frostwhisper - Alliance
Solid - Frostwhisper - Alliance
Order of Azeroth - Frostwhisper - Alliance
Zylos Hand - Frostwhisper - Horde
Bruce Lee - Frostwhisper - Horde
D I N G - Frostwhisper - Horde

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