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What a great idea! I'm sure a lot of us have lost touch with some of our oldest in-game friends or guildies, so here's to hoping that initiatives as this one can recreate some of those connections.

Awesome job finding the idea and bringing it over to the EU, Mool! :)
Decus Caedo - Boulderfist
TJPF - Kor'gall - Alliance
Misanthropes II - The Maelstrom - Horde

Anyone from the guild gonna reroll?

Oblivion - Frostmane - Alliance 04/01/2006

Revelation - Frostmane - Alliance 07/11/2006

IzadorsFans - Frostmane - Alliance 28/09/2006

First Wave - Frostmane (or Dragonmaw) - Alliance 07/08/2006

Omnipotence - Frostmane (or Dragonmaw) - Alliance 01/06/2005

info found on, not sure when Frostmane server got created :)
Slackers - Runetotem - Horde

migrated to Anachronoz right before BC and disbanded shortly after iirc.
Bloody Mess - Xavius - Horde
Awakening - Lightbringer - Alliance
14/11/2017 16:16Posted by Romper
Bloody Mess - Xavius - Horde

Hah, I remember you Romper. I used to hate seeing you charging towards me in BG's! Forgot about BM guild, that was a decent guild.
Nightmare - Genjuros - Horde
Horizons - Genjuros - Horde
The Sentenced - The Venture Co. - Horde
GROM - Defias Brotherhood - Alliance
Consortium - Runetotem - Alliance

I remember most of my old guild mates, is anyone out there?
Valerius - Thunderhorn EU
Northern Lights - Frostwhisper - Horde
Twilight - The Maelstrom - Alliance
Immortal Legion - Xavius - Alliance
Anathema Terenas EU - shout out to my dirty backwater server and Terenas Tavern
Divine Souls - Darkspear - Alliance

I miss my first guild. Hopefully Classic will give me back some of that feeling.
Adamantica - Stormreaver - Alliance
13/11/2017 06:05Posted by Jito
Forgotten Legionaries - Stormreaver - Alliance.
The Core Crew - Stormreaver - Alliance.
Post Mortem - Stormreaver - Alliance.
Transcendence - Stormreaver - Alliance.

There were two more I played in, but I cannot for the life of me remember their names.

Sheep, keelhaul, Laidback Legends, adamantica, ancient warriors?

I remember you, and we raided together at some point, at some time.
Synergy - Daggerspine - Horde

Looking forward to classic <3
Inner Sanctum - Silvermoon EU
Europe - Ravencrest - Alliance
Passion - Silvermoon - Alliance
Divine Supremacy - Silvermoon - Alliance

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