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Hello, im currently looking for a raiding guild.

my exp is:
9/9 Tomb HC,
10/10 NH HC
3/3 Trial HC
3/7 EN M

i haven't really looked into Antorus yet. killed 5Boss on Normal or something.
im looking for a guild who might need a tank or DPS.
im DPS on my DH: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/dragonblight/dreads
and Tank on my Druid: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/dragonblight/dreadst

i dont care if i need to move server or change faction, if the right guild is offering a spot.

u can Contact me at my Real ID : Sand#2169
Hey Dreads - our guild, <Gelu Angelus> on Ragnaros (Horde guild), are currently looking for some additional DPS who can keep a high attendance 2 nights per week to join us for Antorus and beyond.

There's a bit about us over on the Ragnaros forum, https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616994821 , but in short we're a 2 day per week raiding guild, raiding Weds & Mon nights from 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time.

Throughout each tier of the expansion we've had some degree of Mythic progress (7/7M EN; 4/10M NH; 3/9M ToS), and we're aiming to have a more settled raid group for this tier to allow us to again have progress in Mythic raids, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere both in and out of raids.

Away from raiding, we also have a fairly sociable guild - normally there are people doing some content most of the time, be it M+, World Quests, levelling/gearing on alts etc, Discord server for chat/audio, as well as people often playing other games together, such as Hearthstone, HotS and Starcraft.... in short, we try and have a friendly, active community outside of our raid times for people to enjoy, and hope that lends itself to forming a close-knit group for mythic raiding.

I'll add you on btag (Hools#2771) if you'd like to chat more about this, and GL with your guild search if we're not something you're looking for.

<Gelu Angelus>
Hi m8.

Re our chat earlier today here is some info about my guild GLHF.

We raid Sat/Sun 8-11 server time. Our primary aim is to clear HC in every tier and then move into mythic if we have a sufficient roster. We cleared Tos HC and got 2/9M even though we didn't push mythic at all really.

We don't have any tanks spots available right now, but would be interested in your DH as we're a bit light on melee and don't have any of that class as it stands.

We went into Antorus first time yesterday killed the first 9 on normal and will be clearing and starting HC later today. We're a mature group and like to balance enjoying the raid whilst maintaining decent focus to kill bosses. Outside of raids we have quite a few players that do M+ regularly.

We use a website https://glhflightbringer.enjin.com to sign up for raids and for other info. We expect all our players to have 75% attendence to raids, and to be properly enchanted and know the fights for their role etc. We use RC Loot Council for loot distribution and Discord for our voice comms. All players interested we don't mind xrealming to start with during a small trial period, but guild members will get loot prio until you join fully.

If that sounds of interest just give me a shout and we can sort something out :) Best,

Max (Dodger#2127).
Hey Dreads, Just saw your post and if you're still looking for a guild hit us up. We would be more interested in you as dps as I've recent taken up tanking to torture people with the sound of my worgen getting melee'd, but we do have a alot of geared alts and from time to time people do switch out. We pretty much have had the same progress as you since branching off from another guild. Anyhoo, help a guild out and have a swatch and maybe a chat with us.

Our full blurb can be found here; https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617057151#post-1

If you are interested, hit us up. You can add me or Lyp if you fancy a chat: Sazz#11747 or Lyptica21462.

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