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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi and thank you for coming to my thread for a look,
I would like to introduce myself my name is Chris im 29 years old from UK, ive been playing since Vanilla and had a few small breaks in between this currently being my longest. I have been away for a few months due to certain circumstances involve RL, Work and Holidays. Now that my work schedule has been fixed im currently looking at getting back into wow again!
( Can raid anytime from 3pm ST to midnight/1am ST)

I stopped played just after Emerald Dream was finishing due to new work hours i could no longer raid with guild ( Late Night) and a family bereavement caused a long period away from the game.

I currently have the characters available; (in no particular order)
Druid, 110
Hunter, 110
Shaman, 110
Priest, 110
Warrior, 110
Paladin, 110
Death Knight ,110
Demon Hunter, 110

All are around 850-910 ilvl so not gear but I can gear up quite fast hopefully.

I do not mind playing any of these classes in any of there roles but would rather miss out on healer if i had to choose but I honestly dont mind it.

For any information or just a little chat please add me on Donzie#21647

Thanks again.
Just in case you're keeping your mind open, please check out this little project I'm wishing to build. had some interest already but still looking for some solid more people to get this rolling.

My Btag: Jani#2877

will do ty

You failed to mention what sort of raiding you're looking for. As such, see if we're your cup of Tea
<Warsworn> Newly Formed Raiding Guild with a core of friends looking for All DPS/Healers, we will raid Thurs/Sun from 20:00-23:00 server time, please /w me for more info etc. We will start to clear HC ASAP
Add persephone#2669, or whisper aímshot, thaeni or gutripped
we are on the realm Ravencrest alliance if you are willing to change server to raid. I am also back after a short break as I left after Emerald Nightmare too
Hey just came across you on the forums.

Sorry to hear about the reasons for you break, hope life has settled down a bit for you.

We would deffo be interested in you as dps (pref ranged) for our main but we do have a alot of geared alts and normally have at least 1 scheduled alt run a week and some impromptu ones announced in guild chat, so your alts won't be neglected either.

We have a pretty solid crew in terms of the raiders and officers and often do higher M+ keys, just need to keep an eye on gchat for that.

We have a few people that for work or rl issues can't make every raid and that's fine, all we ask is that you respond to calander invites. We are primarily a hc guild but if we get the numbers we would try our hand at mythic as most of us were previously mythic raiders at some point or another.

We're on different realms so i can understand if you want to have a look around, we would be more than happy for you to join us on an alt run tp get a feel of us. We're pretty awesome if i'm honest :3.

Our full blurb can be found here;

If you are interested, hit us up. You can add me or Lyp if you fancy a chat: Lyptica21462 or Sazz#11747
Hey there m8, I am positively sure that we can offer you a nice community to be in.

Take a look at our recc post below for a better understanding:

Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information or visit our web page and drop an application:

closed tyvm
Hey dude, won't post a massive essay but would love to chat


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