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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi @ all,

I just came back from a break about 2 weeks ago and I've tried to get my rogue raid-ready ever since. I currently don't want to spend that much time for WoW, so I am looking for normal or heroic raid groups.

Some quick information about me:

Class: Rogue, can play all specs, last time I checked there were 3
Gear: 920 ilv, Artifactlevels 70 for sub, 67 for assa and 52 for Outlaw, 1 BiS Legy for Sub and Assa
Age: 23
Nationality: Austria
Profession: Student (English and German Philology)
Notable achievements in Legion so far:

    World #148 Nythendra Mythic (as GLead)
    World #745 Xavius Mythic (pre ToV) (as GLead)
    World #186 Helya Mythic (pre Nighthold)

Guilds I played for:

    GameOver- Nethersturm (Officer, Vice-Raidlead) ~World 2000
    UnXpected-Azshara (GLead, Raidlead) ~World 600
    Nonsense-Blackrock ~World 150
    Advance-Azshara ~World 40

Some logs: (I played Boomkin in early Legion, so these are Boomkins logs, but you will get an idea)
Some Gameplay:

I could place a wall of text here about what a great person I am and how awesome I play, but I won't. If you want to get to know me, just contact me.

Btag: Night#23656

TL;DR: Great guy, would hire

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

PS: My gear is currently neither socketed nor enchanted, but I won't enter the raid like that.

Edit: The [H] in the title stands for Horde. Please do NOT contact me, if you are alliance.
we are looking for a rogue to join Ascendance, as you say your gear is a little behind, but a good player is always the first priority, gear can always be obtained. Would be good to have a chat.

Stormcaller#8667 (Discord)
Hey Nightinblade
Im a guild manager at VII-EmeraldDream. VII has 12 years of experience with raiding.

We can offer you a stable environment with consistent raids with a friendly and active but also serious guild with plenty of experience amongst all our players.

We are currently 6/9 mythic and have progressed a lot lately.
We raid 3 times a week from 2100 - 0000 on:


We also have many off raid activities such as heroic run and m+

For a more thorough assessment of the guild take a look at our forum post:

Add my b-tag if you are interested (Alfonsen#21325)
Hey there, we're currently looking for a few more dpsers for our guild, I'll leave the important information as well as contact details incase you have any questions below.

We're Horde on Arathor-EU and our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 21:00 server time to 24:00, we also run an optional Sunday raid that usually clears heroic once we're spending the rest on Mythic.

8/9M in TOS after rough start due to roster issues and almost got KJ down, previous tiers we were 10/10M NH and had realm first Mythic Helya kill just before NH launched.

We're formed from two 10man guilds that merged at the end of MOP for the 20man content and have been going steady ever since.

if you're interested you can drop an application at http://www.curseofyears.com or you could try chatting to any officers at


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