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Hi there, Returning player after a few months due to irl problems looking for a guild for ATBT and beyond. Highly experienced mythic raider with a lot of past achievements.

A little about me, well to start with my current exp in Legion is as follows, Cleared all tier 19 except ToV on mythic while it was current, and up to 5/9 mythic ToS before guild crumbled and ended up taking a prolonged break from wow. Most of my experience was on my Demon Hunter however looking for a fresh start back on my old main (this warrior) My past exp peaked during cataclysm with world 20th Firelands and Dragon Soul clears. I'm a pretty chilled person always up for a raid or m+ when settled in a guild and willing to help out other players (m+, raids, alts, pvp and other games) I can provide logs etc if they are still up for my past raids.

I am a little behind as I just came back to the game yesterday But as a player I consider myself very skilled and adaptable and as a person as said just chilled out and ready to have fun :). Looking for somewhere either Alliance or Horde to clear and finish off this expansion in Antorus and going further into Battle for Azeroth.

Basically able to play most days but scheduled raiding would be preferably after 1900 ST and I am pretty much never available on Tuesdays for scheduled events ( I may be around but usually quite busy :p)
Hello Arlen, The dambusters are recruiting for there second raid team.

First raid team - 3/11 heroic
second raid team - 11/11 normal starting our first heroic progress on sunday.

The dambusters have been around for 8+ years with the same GM.
We are very social definetly not the type that only log onto to raid.

we raid wednesday, thursday and sunday 8-11

Hit me up on Wolfgang4466#2922 we believe you would be a great addition to our team
Hey Aralen - if you'd be interested in a realm xfer and faction change, <Gelu Angelus> on Ragnaros are looking for more DPS to join our ranks for Antorus and beyond.

I've posted about us over on the Ragnaros forum, , but in short we're a 2 day raiding guild, raiding Weds & Mon from 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time. The main raiding aim of the guild is to clear Heroic and have some progress within Mythic raids - our progress this expansion has been 7/7M in EN, 4/10M in NH and 3/9M in ToS... so while we're not aiming for Cutting Edge, what we are expecting is to get into Mythic raids and have an enjoyable raid atmosphere while doing so.

Outside of raid times, we're generally a pretty social bunch - we have groups doing M+ and other content, as well as trying to organise a social/alt type run on a Sunday evening - although at this point of a new tier, that'll initially be for main raiders & trials in Normal, while we progress HC on our main raid nights. We also have fairly active channels on Discord, as well as people often playing other games (Hearthstone, HotS, Starcraft etc) together.

If any of this sounds of interest, please feel free to add me on Bnet (Hools#2771), or can contact any of the other officers listed on the forum post above, and we can discuss further.

<Gelu Angelus>
Still looking :)
Hey Aralen, Just saw your post and if you're still looking for a guild hit us up. Admitedly we have a couple of warriors, but a bit of healthy competition is always good and I enjoy all that sweet plate that circulates, not that I'm a greddy loot worgen or anything :3 Help a guild out and have a swatch and maybe a chat with us.

Our full blurb can be found here;

If you are interested, hit us up. You can add me or Lyp if you fancy a chat: Sazz#11747 or Lyptica21462.

All the best.

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