[A]Tea, Tactics & Debauchery LF H Raiders / M+

Looking for Players – PvE
EU, Age 21+, Discord

About Us:
Ever miss the days where being part of a clan/community meant meaningful friendships and long term bonds? That is what we strive to create in TEA. 

Our ideology
Is to create a tightly knit community/family by only incorporating people we see ourselves being friends with in 5 years time and not fill our roster up with mute bodies. As such we make use of an application process as well as a trial period.

We don't care what level, skill level, gear/ilvl and raid progress you have as with the right attitude and desire to improve yourself; it will all come with time.

Our Culture
We chat/banter every day via discord text+voip and build long lasting relationships no matter what games we play.

We're multi-gaming: FFXIV, Monster Hunter, Path of Exile, PayDay 2, Warframe & WoW are but a few.

Real life comes first and it's not always finding a community that understand that. With our busy schedules we still strive to progress to the best of our abilities to clear content.

Our Goals in WoW:
Regular Mythic+ dungeons
Heroic raiding

Currently we have Saturday 20:00 as our main raiding night. A Friday/Sunday (depending on work schedules) serves as the second raiding night.

Mythic+ and additional raids are organised throughout the week depending on who is online at the time.

Please note
We do not use in game chats due to the nature of our community. Discord serves as our central means of communication via text+voip.

Trial period:
This starts off by joining our discord channel and filling out an application which then leads to an interview via voip. After which the applicant gets promoted to Tea Leaf (trial rank).

It is up to the person at that point whether they progress to the core membership via integrating themselves into our community (being social, joining in on content, building relationships). If the person fails to be promoted to the next rank within 30 days then they are removed from the community.

How to Join:
Join our discord: https://discord.gg/NhdMQft
Follow the instructions in the applications channel

Looking forward to seeing you in game.
hey you replied to my post and im willing to have a chat on discord to see if this fits me :)
please do contact me on Bnet: Boldoran#2862

Would like to hear more

Good evening.
Im also interested about hearing more. :3
Would like to join and see if i fit in JackBooBob#2830
Note im only 20
Hi Rolo
Sorry but we only accept potential candidates that are age 21 or older.
Thank you for your interest.
Looks like a perfect fit!


I'm an ancient 30, keen to progress but actually want to make some friends in a mature but fun atmosphere.
what kind of spots are u looking for to get filled out

We're currently missing an OT and 3 DPS. I added you to battle.net so that we can chat :)
I turn 21 by the start of Jan and i would like to see if i fit in. my tag is ChrickeB#2204 it looks like a fit for me :) been looking for a mature and fun environment in a guild.

Prefered role: Tank
Can play: Heal ( Not yet comfortable in raids ) & DPS
We're still looking for members. The response has been quite positive. We've managed to gear most of the people to 910+ so on track to start raiding in January.
We are still looking for members. We are ok on tanks, but can always use more healers and dps.
We managed to 11/11 N Antorus. Next goal is Heroic!
Would like to join Chpro#1964, 27 yo, discord on, mic on , maturity on.

Can play as dps or Tank.
This sounds fun and interesting,
I would love to hear more about this and se if I can be of any use ;)

My tag is katZaphire #2747
im interested add me Berverk#2839
Made it to 10/11 hc tonight.
Sounds exactly what I'm looking for, can you add me for a chat? Dazz3#1374

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