[A]Tea, Tactics & Debauchery LF H Raiders / M+

Looking for Players – PvE
Gearing up for Bless online release.
I've been in this community since it started, and I couldn't have wished for something better. If you're looking for a close knit community like the old days, when people actually socialized in MMO's, there is none better.
friendly bunch. we are all crazy
We've had quite a few new members join; some playing wow for the first time since wotlk.

So if there are any people looking for leveling partners for new alts, then now is the time to join us :)
Highly recommended group. i joined around 3-4 weeks ago and found myself constantly on their discord. There is always someone to converse with. We have a right laugh, everyone has a good sense of humor and a LARGE variety of games we play together.
I'm even considering starting to stream :3

Is this still active and are you guys still recruiting for raid team/raiding?


WoW is on the backburner until BFA - leveling alts etc. We are not currently raiding.

We were going to play bless but that turned out to be a $h1tshow, so we are playing warframe/ffxiv to pass the time in addition to the above.

When BFA launches we'll be clearing heroic and enjoying the other content the expansion brings.
From my experience this is in fact the first recruitment text I’ve seen, that doesn’t lie, but just captures the soul of this community perfectly. I highly recommend checking it out, if you’re looking for a bunch of awesome people to play games with. We are definitely crazy though.^^
Even though we might not be fully committed to raiding at the moment, if we got a nice group together, we still will. For now our focus will be on M+ & levelling/gearing alts.
If everyone on discord and interviewing which I think it's a bit much as it's only a game what's the point have guild finder as I've been looking for a guild and used guild finder it seems no guild bothers to check it as I'm still with out a guild
Hi Evilogre,

We're not only playing WoW and are trying to build a community that will last years and makes longlasting friendships. This is why we have the discord and interview. On the other hand, bummer to hear that you're still without a guild. Hopefully you'll find one soon, good luck!
Applied for a different game. Got caught by the great group of people. Even switching faction for them.
If this speaks to you and you're looking for a community, I highly recommend checking us out.
Heya guys we're still looking for new recruits. Looking forward for BFA release!

Also if you are interested in FFXIV we've got that section going again as well as Warframe.

Follow the instructions, we look forward to receiving your application :D
You guys looking for a tank? :)

We're currently full on tanks. Still looking for dps/healers though :)
With BFA around the corner, we are still looking for more people to join our lovely community.
I'm really interested in joining the guild . But I'm just wondering I am currently on the server frostmane, what server are you on so I can transfer
Thanks ,

Im a feral druid .
Message me on Bnet : Coaxa#2698
Hey Coaxa,
Like stated in the first post in this thread, we're not just a guild, we're a community. The first post should also have the link to our discord where we have our application open. Looking forward to your application.

We're in full swing with BFA!

Come join in on the banter and fun. Gearing is going well and will soon be looking towards sorting out our raiding spots.
You looking for any holy palas?

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