[A]Tea, Tactics & Debauchery LF H Raiders / M+

Looking for Players – PvE

We can still do with healers, dps and a reserve tank for raids :)
Whats your discord tag?
We've been doing Mythic dungeons more regularly now. Hoping to find more players so we can start Uldir soon.
Hey you still recruit dps? Say a Fury Warrior and a Fire Mage?
Everyone is welcome! Please refer to the first post in this thread for the link to our discord.
Due to the influx of a lot of new members, we're pausing our recruitment for now. I will update this post when recruitment opens again.
Do you think recruitment will be open again soon? This sound exactly like what I have been looking for!
Hey Snoracle,
Even though recruitment is paused, feel free to apply! If we think a person will be a great fit for our community or someone leaves the community, we will contact that person or the first person to have applied :). Hope this answers your question.

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