WoW 51900319 at the same spot ( gif included)

Technical Support
So I just returned to the game and I keep getting this error at the same spot.
I already tried all the trouble shooting tips, including resetting UI, opening ports and so on.
Having the same issue, loading bar stays at around 90% for a second and keeps disconnecting me.......

That link does not work unfortunately, seems like the gif has been removed already. The error you mentioned in your Topic title however (51900319) indicates a connection issue.

Let's check if there are any progams active that might be causing some connection issues. Start by closing other applications running in the background. Just in case, make sure that any other applications that might interfere, are closed as well. This includes Security apps, and things like VPN/Proxy services.
Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I'm doing!

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