3/9m 938 ENH Shammy LF Antorus guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Looking to start pushing myself harder and try for cutting edge... (maybe?) I have a huge amount of free time, so I want to use that by progressing as far as I can. I want to feel needed as part of a core team.

I'm 24, from England and I love my class. Willing to listen to any advice to help me improve and adapt as part of a team :)
Add me on btag and we can have a talk Orre#2238
Hey Todd - if you'd be interested in a realm transfer to Ragnaros, <Gelu Angelus> are still looking for some DPS for Antorus.

I've posted about us on a recruitment thread on the Ragnaros forum, https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17616994821 , but in summary we're a 2 day/week raiding guild on Weds & Mon nights, from 20:00 to 23:00 server time (so 7pm start for those of us in UK :) ).

As we're only raiding 2 days per week, we're especially looking for DPS who can keep a high attendance at our raids and add to our "core" raid group, meaning that when HC is cleared we can step into Mythic with a fairly settled group, rather than chopping/changing a team every week (or, much worse, having to cancel raids due to attendance issues).

Our mythic progress this expansion has been 7/7M EN, 4/10M NH and 3/9M ToS - due to some changes in our group during both NH M and during ToS HC, this hampered some of the mythic progress - however now as a Guild while we're not specifically aiming for Cutting Edge, as a minimum what we are expecting is to get into Mythic raids and have an enjoyable raid atmosphere while doing so.

Outside of raiding we also have a pretty social group, both for in game content (mythic+ keys, other raids, alts etc etc) as well as some other games (quite a few play hearthstone, SC, HotS together), so there's a bit of a community throughout the guild, not just for a 6 hour a week raiding schedule.

If this sounds like it'd be of interest to you, feel free to add me to btag (Hools#2771), or contact one of the other officers listed on our forum post.

<Gelu Angelus>

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