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I bought WoW a few weeks ago. I have a bonus giving instant 100 lvl. Will this bonus work on WoW classic? For example, giving 40 lvl or something like that?
Most likely
No. Vanilla is about the journey, not the destination. There are no shortcuts.
No. Hopefully.
It won't work.

It's to boost a retail character to 100, nothing more.
If it did, it would be absolutely unacceptable
No way
It will work. In fact, it will actually boost your classic character to lvl 100, making you the most powerful player in classic wow. Imagine the uber pawnage and epic pvp!!
If a troll trolls a troll who was actually trolling the troll, which troll got trolled? And who was phone?
Yes and you’ll be able to use your heirlooms on it, I expect. I can’t see them giving character boosts and leaving you in starting zone greys.
Nice trolling.

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