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I'm looking for a guild I can join as social for now, but possibly raid in near future.

I've played since BC and significant time spent raiding in WotLK, Cata and MoP.

Since then only been doing LFR and PvP.

I'm 30 and prefer a guild with either a good mix of ages or all adults.

Good Evening Mindcircus!

Guilty by Association is a new guild that is looking for both raiders and social members to help build and shape our guild! We have mythic+ nights open for all members as well as raiding three times a week.

We also have a very active discord with lots of helpful links and tips!

If you feel like this could be a home for you please do not hesitate to message me in game or through my battletag Liriya#21988

I hope to hear from you! :)

Still interested, just haven't been playing much for the past month.

Will message in game when you are on, but sent a battletag friend request anyway.

Thanks :)
hi Mindcircus,

we are looking for new players maby this is something for you


We in Ironwood Inc are an international guild. We have 3 different teams currently. One team who does mythic raids twice a week (currently full), one RBG team that plays once a week and our newly started team going under the name of ’The Sunday Club’ which is aimed to be a team that does normal and then heroic each raid. Currently running once a week and looking to build a solid foundation filled out with Well geared alts from the mythic team.

Please add me if this sounds interesting
Btag whyreddie#21634
Discord Thalassarche#1309

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