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Is this idea feasible?

I believe it would alleviate a lot of the stress and infighting that we witness nowadays, since the big announcement.

I for one am adamant about the necessity to keep Classic true to the original state and i fear Blizzard will give us Vanilla 2.0.

How do you feel about this? Hopefully a blue poster could enlighten us regarding the legal matters of such an arrangement.
Won't happen, a legal nightmare and Blizzard doesn't want private servers.
it doesn't make sense, when blizz release their server they will go after private servers, actively trying to take them down.
27/11/2017 16:59Posted by Axetasy
for one am adamant about the necessity to keep Classic true to the original state and i fear Blizzard will give us Vanilla 2.0.

you shouldn't take trolls here on forums too seriously, blizzard has already stated that they will make classic as authentic as possible.

if they don't, then what's the point ? people starts to cry about vanilla all over again and goes to Private servers.
When Blizzard shut Nostalrius down, they said that they couldn't just give thema license to host their server because that's essentially rewarding people for stealing.

Blizzard have said that they wont be adding anything to their server that didn't exist in Vanilla. The onlythings they're looking at is which part of Vanilla that they're making. So there will be absolutely no need for any private servers.
Wouldn't be good for their trademark status I guess.
Why they would sell License to Private Server , when they can make Authentic one and make more profit from it?
Is this idea feasible?

I for one am adamant about the necessity to keep Classic true to the original state and i fear Blizzard will give us Vanilla 2.0.


You don't need to worry about BIG changes. Ion said "vanilla means vanilla" in the latest QnA. :)
Blizzards biggest news in lets say 10 years. And you reckon it'd be a good idea to let shady people that take donations from the players base.
This idea was discussed a lot when Blizzard shut Nostalrius down, since Nostalrius seemed to be reliable, but most private servers are not. Giving out licenses would be a high risk for Blizzard, and most private servers would not be able to meet the creteria in terms of quality, blizzlike, etc.
The only way to do this would be through sublicensing; selling the license to develop a particular section of a private server experience individually. See Extra Credits' latest video on how this might work.

Of course, this would mean that the vanilla experience would become terribly segmented and that wouldn't sit well with people.

Instead, what could work is sublicensing roleplaying servers, with completely separate roleplaying experiences and completely custom raids. Which, again, isn't the classic experience.

So, it really cannot work.
As others have said, they would (and should) never license private servers, since they can't really license a third party to use another third party's IP that way. It'd be a total mess.

However, I did wonder at one point (post Notalrius shutdown amid the terse announcements from Blizzard of "listening") if Blizzard would instead license/franchise the use of their original classic cores (optionally with access to source code under strict NDA) to third party companies to host an authentic but not officially run by Blizzard experience.

But they went for a host it themselves option. Which in the long run should work out better. As others have also said, don't worry too much about changes. I think they will get it as authentic as is possible.
I'd go for a different approach here.

Blizzard don't want third party people to earn money with their product, like through cash shop.
Instead of selling (or ranting) private server licences, Blizzard could basically "hire" and pay a salary for those wanting to work on maintaining such server. Servers hosted by Blizzard and listed as an option for anybody having an active account.

This would require serious proofs that those people (now Blizzard employees) does their job, have a vision for their particular server. I couldn't be a random "fun server" as it doesn't fit Blizzard's policy about the products they deliver.

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