DPS DK + Afflic Lock LF Raiding Guild [H]

Looking for Players – PvE

We're two well adapted and tested players looking for a home for the new Antorus raid. Both have played multiple classes to a high standard and are now looking to focus on our current characters progression.

After a 3 month hiatus from the game, we have come back, re-rolled and have played around 1 week and are already 916~, proving that we are dedicated to putting the time in to getting ourselves prepared.

We're only looking for a Horde guild at this moment and are currently only available to raid Tuesday/Wednesday, unless the raid starts after 10:30pm.

We are also willing to server transfer on being accepted as a raider.

We're looking for a stable guild with solid HC progression looking to push themselves to mythic. We wish to join an already established guild with active members looking to play other aspects of the game outside raiding such as M+.

We have both achieved Curve for every raid so far this expansion and want to carry on. Below are both our armoury links.

We are punctual, prepared and willing to be flexible with our classes and just want to find the right guild to progress with.


If you want to chat, please add my Battletag: Lowspi#2486
Still looking
Afternoon :)

Heretic-Legion are currently recruiting on Horde Draenor for current content and future expansion HC/M. Currently we are 7/11 on Normal and looking to get this finished ASAP. We are still recruiting a few members to get the guild back up and running (Mondays, Wednesdays Thursdays, 20:00-23:00 UK Time) Most members in the guild are RL friends and friends met from in-game. I am currently at work but i can add you later this afternoon and if you want we can have a chat about a possible position for you both?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Still looking

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