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Looking for Players – PvE

My name is Felicia I’m a 25 year old Swede living in the UK as of 2 years.
A bit about myself, I love playing games that includes WoW (obviously), Fortnite, Terraria, The Sims and Overwatch. I’ve recently started playing Heroes of the Storm with friends.

Previous Raid Experience

I’ve raided since early BC but it was only until Legion that I decided to start raiding to the highest of levels as I enjoy a challenge.
I raided SoO in MoP and cleared it with a small guild.
I raided a bit in WoD but lost interest and started raiding in WildStar, I cleared all the content whilst it was current.

I came back to WoW in Legion, and throughout Legion I’ve played every healing class.
For the most of the time I played a MW Monk here are my logs
The reason why I stopped was because I wanted to be useful in the raids and Monks don’t have a lot of utility.
I took a short break because I had to focus on my job which I’ve now left for a job with a bit less demanding of my time

When I came back I decided that I would play a Paladin since they have a lot of utility and are generally a great option to any raid team.

I joined a guild on Draenor called <Massive> as a Holy Paladin, that guild had an alt requirement so I geared up a Druid for the split runs.
The guild asked if I could re roll to Druid and have that as a main since there was a Holy Paladin already and there were not a lot of raid healers who could blanket the raid when there was movement which Druids are excellent for.

Here are my logs for my Paladin
And my Druid

What you can expect of me

I am a quick learner meaning that if I do a tactic I’ll remember it and execute it well
I pay a lot of attention into my character, I make sure it’s up to standards whether that is AP, consumables, enchants, gems and of course transmog
I have a very positive attitude and don’t easily get annoyed when something doesn’t go the right way, I focus on the positive and how to be better for the next time
I take constructive criticism well
I research bosses a head of time and also my class, which talents are better for one fight
I analyse my logs at the end of every raid to see what I can work on, if it’s casts or where I use my spells I always try to find a way to become better
I’m not afraid to use my microphone to call for things like my CD’s or if I see something that will happen that no one else sees I’ll call it.

What I expect from the team

People who care about the raid and their characters
Efficient raids, that includes not talking for 80% of the raid, if we wipe we go again
No slacking so we can get things done

I stream all of my raids and you can find them here:

My battletag is Felicia#21127 so feel free to add me if you have any questions.

Thank you for reading my post and look forward to hear from you!
HI Celesi

Our team is really in need of a H/Pally. Would you be willing to raid Alliance side and if so how about late night raiding?

We raid from 23:00 game time until 02:00.

We are a Mythic raiding guild on Silvermoon, and have just started our Antorus run, Thursday just gone on Normal to test the raid, only one boss remains from our first attempt. We will be Moving to Heroic next, and then Mythic by January.

I've sent you a friend request, so if you are interested please accept so we can chat further.



I would be willing to play Alliance however unfortunately your raid hours are a bit too late for me.

I appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck in Antorus! :)
Hey there! Is a faction change and a server transfer an option for you? If it is, check us out:

Final Evolution is one of the longest surviving guilds currently on Darksorrow. We have seen the game change and have changed with it to meet its needs and conquer them. We strive to accomplish as much as physically possible whilst still enjoying the game as much as we can. We are now looking for people to join our ranks and see if they have what it takes to stay with us for the long haul.

We are Currently Recruiting:
Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman as well as ranged DPS.

The kind of players we are looking for are people who not only want to raid but appreciate the people they are raiding with. Mature players who not only want to play the game but understand that there are things required to make a guild successful, and that it may be the case that you want to help us be successful.

Our Current Raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday between 20:30 and 23:00+(server times) with invites going out 15 minutes prior.

We are a Mythic raiding guild and will continue to be as such until the game comes out with harder difficulties for raids.

My btag if you'd like to have a chat for more info: Kimsaz#2287
Hope to hear from you soon! :)
Hi Felicia,

<Weekend Warriors> is a 7/9M ToS guild on Draenor who are recruiting a holy paladin for our main progression team.

We had our first venture into Argus this weekend and emerged 11/11N and 10/11H. We expect a full clear next week and to start Mythic progression again promptly.

The guild itself has been around since Cataclysm and several of the original founding members remain today, including the Guild Master.

We're what we like to call "Seriously Casual" - we raid for fun but we take it seriously, we're all 25+ adults with plenty of real life commitments, but who still want to raid and clear as much of the current content as possible.

We raid on weekends from 15:45 - 19:00 server time, Saturday and Sunday.

If this sounds interesting to you, please visit our website,

Or you can add me on BattleTag - BestDruidEU#2151.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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