[H] LF mythic raiding guild with chill environment

Looking for Players – PvE
Hey, im a balance druid looking for a mythic raiding guild looking to do all of the mythic bosses or atleast try to. Im looking for a 2+ day raiding guild with a raiding time of 3-4 hours preferably around the 20-23/ 20-24 serv time. Im currently pretty under geared and dont have all the legendaires all though im quickly going to be able to gear to a raid ready character within probably a week

What you can expect from me:
- Previous mythic experience in this expansion.
- Knowledge of my class: i try to keep up with the changes and change accordingly to whats best at the moment
- High attendance rate: I have a lot of off time because i'm currently in school
- Knowledge of tactics: i read every boss on tactics and how i can improve my positioning so i take less damage and can do more dmg for example.

Im willing to transfer server, but im playing only horde so no alliance guilds.

If you want to contact me to see logs or any additional information hit me up on Blizzard app Zhaura#2512 or by commenting on this post ill try to reply as quickly as possible

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