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Hunter and Priest class quests... hell yeah !
Still have the items on my characters.
Druid aquatic form quest
This i will never forget. Running without mount from Kalimdor to Wesfal, jeez. spent good hour looking for the charm part. Loved every second of it.
-Bank Alts,
-Manual Looting,
-Running Out of Mana,
- Fishing in Arathi Basin
- One Click dispelling system
- Darksorrow server was "Laggsorrow" and it was most offline server of all. :D
- Kiting npcs to unlimited distances
- Alterac Valley summoning bosses, fighting for resources (soloing mines)
-Hunter blind zones, where neither melee nor ranged was allowed. Mind where you stand!
- Druids being able to Hibernate Onyxia for a very brief time
- Being able to chat one way with the enemy faction with Mind Control and /me commands
- The bell in the Booty Bay bell tower being clickable but doing nothing
Goblin Fishing poles and Rumsey Rum.

25/11/2017 04:38Posted by Patejl

- Kiting npcs to unlimited distances

Oh yeah, Doom Lord Kazzak butchering Stormwind! :D

EDIT: and and and, RECKONING BOMB!
The massive world PvP.

The espionage and tactics vs opposing faction guilds.

Farming for everything.

People who know who you are.

People who know what you should be capable of depending on your guilds server status.

Literally can't wait!
What it feels like to play a damn good mmorpg
-Getting dunked by every elite whilst leveling as a warrior :P (Was a masochistic experience, but I loved it)
- Rotating shamans between groups during raid
- Broken (missing) druid HWL set bonuses
- Shadow priests joining as healers
- Leveling healers without any dps skill
21/11/2017 08:50Posted by Wîlliamx
20/11/2017 23:50Posted by Varleen

Hey! It wasn't free, I had to pay my trainer. :(

Yeah people don't realize it isn't free. It does cost about 80 silvers and that is a handful of money.

Well, my friend had a Herbalist Warlock. When she was out farming flowers very often she ran out of mana because the Mount costed mana to summon each time. So she started lifetapping to get it back. After a while she was low on both health and mana and had to sit down.

Sure, it just cost some silver to buy instead of gold. But you have to pay with your own damn blood to use it!
Farming fire res gear for Ragnaros
Farming Fire res gear for BWL
Farming Nature res gear for AQ40
Farming Felwood for the buff food 6 hours a day
Questing in the Barrens running from north to south and back again
Barrens chat <3
Having to go to Azshara before running MC for the water to take out the runes
PVP at MC Entrance
Mind Controlling alliance into the lave at blackrock mountain
Walking and swimming to Scholomance
Gold farming and pvp at try's hand
Spending hours in orgrimmar finding that last player for a dungeon

I can go on for a while, good old times :-)
You could spot a new hunter a mile off when you saw the pet come runnihg down the bank in DM pulling every goblin in 4 world zone radius hahaha
Going into dungeons with a designated CCer for mobs fleeing when low on health
20/11/2017 23:43Posted by Lenton
Just a fun post..

*Unique Hunter pets
*Pets need food
*40 man raids
*Ghostly Strike
*Priest racials
*5 min Paladin buffs
*8 debuff slots on bosses
*Vanish required Flash Powder
*Class quests
*100g/1000g mounts
*Charge not available during combat
*Human detect invisibility racial
*Lower level EPICS
*Divine Intervention
*Spell ranks

I'm hyped as hell, what else was there? ;)

Didnt forget a single thing, what you forgot was: weapon skill. Lower levlel epics, some lower lvl epics were still good at some point. Then again u missed out n Onyxia pre quest and MC pre quest, Don't forget Anxx 40 pre quest .Zul'Gurrub, rep farm.
24/11/2017 14:20Posted by Celestraza
*Not having enough gold to purchase skill ranks
*Grinding 40g for that mount at level 40
*Talent points with an ultime talent in each tree
*Paying precious gold each time to redistribute talents
*Party only buffs (not raid wide)

Honestly the only thing I really appreciated from Vanilla was the community.
Without LFD, LFR, faction change, realm change etc... you had a close nit community on your realm.
It felt like a real online community (MMORPG).

I have some sad news for you. 40g for lvl 40 mount is incorrect. It was 10g for the training and 90g for the mount untill patch 1.4 where the prices were reversed, but in total was 100g before applying any reputation decreases.
The things I am most looking forward to in Vanilla are...
-No dungeon finder, requiring people to actually develop some resemblance of social skills and forming friend lists of people you liked playing with.
-Threat is actually a factor, making tanking require some skill and fun again.
-People actually knowing where the dungeon entrances are because they need to walk there, so they don't get lost after dying and having to corpse run to the entrance.
-Professions actually mattering.
-No mount before lvl 40 (and if its your first character, you probably can't afford it even then), and no epic mount until your lvl 60 and filthy rich.
-No flying mounts!
-Proper talent trees.
-Awesome attunement quest chains and class quests that matter.
-Leveling being actually challenging instead of mind-numbing chore where only challenge is figuring out how many mobs you can pull without the first ones leashing.
-CC being required in dungeons, AND CC aggroing mobs, making it somewhat challenging to time.
-Tanks marking targets for kill order and cc, and corner pulling, and people actually following those marks, because if they don't, they get rekt by even a single trash mob they pull aggro from.
-Player skill mattering much more in pve and gear mattering less.
30/11/2017 05:19Posted by Jenovia

-Tanks marking targets for kill order and cc, and corner pulling, and people actually following those marks


Marking wasnt in game at start, fun times :)
So it was said to take tanks target, which could be problem if tank had several mobs and you didnt pay attention which is dps target and which are just tabbed thru for aggro

"advanced tactics in av"
rogues/druids ninjacapping enemy base graveyard and people corpse running there and hoping it wont be recaptured so you can actually ress there and go for the boss. You coulndt get there alive because of chokepoint on way being enemy controlled
Its no longer possible :)
also for rogues you had a dagger for backstab and slow 1handers for sinister strike and there were no gcd for weapon switching so you could backstab with daggers and equp 2x 1h swords within 1 gcd. good for leveling.

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