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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

After much thought and consideration in regards to the spam that is going on trade channel and how hard it has been for some guilds to recruit members for Antorus I have decided to create a Discord for our glorious server.

This discord can help you if:
You are looking for a guild.
You are looking to recruit players for your guild.
You are looking to sell unique items: mounts,pets,toys and transmog items.
You are looking to check the documentation for new raids/tactics and other miscellaneous tasks.
Mythic+ team formation to push high keys or look for players to have your dedicated team.
PVP and RBGS Team formation.
Raid - Pug Mythic and recruit people in advance if you know people are not going to make it at your own raid.
Guilds can assign one person as a Guild Recruiter(preferably an officer)
We are also looking for moderators(preferably GM/Officer Rank + Experience in Modding other channels)

Requirements to be a part of the community(common sense):
You will have to leave your in game character and guild name in "in-game-char-guild" channel so we can create a tag for you and your guild.
No Spam.

The Link is as follows : https://discord.gg/VkxDCTD

Kind Regards,
The discord link given in this thread no longer appears to work.
Thumbs up for this Discord server. Having plenty of fun here. And a good attempt to create a nice community :)
We are also looking for two Mods that will organize raids/m+ and RBG's and social events for the server.

Join the Discord - https://discord.gg/VkxDCTD and PM me! ;)

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