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Looking for Players – PvE

I'm a 22 year old swede who have just come back to WoW after about a one year break and are currently looking for a guild to slowly get back into rading.

I started playing late TBC and started raiding early wotlk and have raided all tiers up to and including EN before going on a break. I've been playing my guardian druid for all tiers from ICC up to EN(with the exception of SoO where I played BrM monk) over this period I've raided with 2 guilds where I was officer/RL for most of the time so I'm a fairly loyal person.

Progress wise in Antorus I've only managed to pug 10/11N(missing Coven) due to spending most of this week trying to catch up on gear.

I would prefer to raid 2 days a week, maybe 3 depending on the guild and days. with raids starting around 21 Server time.

anyway, I went on alot longer than I intented with this post so contact me on Gam#2434 if you wannt anymore information or leave a comment below.
10/11N(missing coven) now and planning on pugging a couple of HC bosses this weekend.
Hello! I've sent you a btag request, let's talk :)

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