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Twisting Nether
Hey guys! I'm a fire mage looking for a raiding guild (raiding 2-3 times a week) to clear normal/heroic Antorus and maybe even push mythic in the upcoming months.
Hello Aetharion!

<Guilty by Association> is a new guild that is looking for both raiders and social members to help shape and build our group!

Our guild is aiming to give you a home in WoW where you can relax, have a laugh but still clear HC content at a steady pace! We raid three times a week on a Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00-22:00 server time. We also have a dedicated day to clear mythic+ dungeons in guild groups on a Monday.

Although we have a relaxed outlook on raiding we still have expectations of our raiders, we expect gear gemmed and enchanted before each raid as well as pots/flasks/food ready for raid time! We are more than happy to provide these with a small donation of materials to the guild bank!

We are currently looking for raiders of all roles and classes, if you feel that this could be a home for you please do not hesitate to contact me in game, either via whispering Liriya, or adding my Liriya#21988

I hope to hear from you! :)

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