Warrior and Warlock LF GUILD

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Grettings Everyone!

Warrior arms/fury and Warlock (all speccs) LF GUILD
we both are 8/9 mythic and acouple of pulls on kj mythic best atempt 35%.

We recently rerolled to the classes we play now.

the warlock has alot of exp though on his warlock it has been his main for about 11 years but decided to play mage this raid tier but are now switching back.

Me the warrior just started playing it, i have been playing enhance shaman and paladin through out my days in wow and i now decided to switch to warrior since they are way better in any shape and form than a enhance shaman is, i bring more to the table as a warrior and thats why i decided to switch to it.

here are our logs on both our old mains and new ones.





alittle bit of info from both of us.

so my name is Emil but everyone calls me larre, im 21 years old and i work from home so attendance will not be a problem unless something serious in my life happens.

The warlock name is Simon and he is 22 year old he doesent have a job atm so he wont have any problem with attendance aswell.

We both comes from sweden and we enjoy playing wow with eachother alot, will tend to stay up late at night spamming m+ ;)

so any days and times wont be any kind of problems from both of us since we pretty much live at the computer and we are ready to migg as soon as we get an answer.

you can contact us at Bnett: Larre#2302 SpankMeSoft#21237

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