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Classic: Played this game because it was fun to do things and did not everything for the purpose of getting items etc.

Legion: Nobody seems to have fun anymore, everyone is just after honor marks or legendaries. If you wipe in lfr - half the group is gone, if you wipe in dungeon - someone get kicked. If you loose in bg everyone is !@#$ing stupid and a noob.

The whole community is based on getting rewards but fails to see fun as a reward. Best example is the new is still 40vs40 if one side would stay back and def it could still be fun but no the community rather rush to the boss avoid each other to get the chance of a stupid honor mark.
How can anyone see 'fun' as a reward in a game that simply isn't fun? I've said it before, people who are still playing retail wow are the addicts, people who want to have fun have left a long long time ago.
11/12/2017 13:12Posted by Spriteo
I'd put it that way - it's no game's fault that OP has no more ingame friends.

Now at max level you have way more things to do than in vanilla. In every aspect of the game there is something more to it than it used to be.

Structured pvp, WQs, achievments, - all those were added later and nothing was taken away. You want to dung/raid? Here You go. Farm reps? Now x-times more reps to farm. Farm mounts? X-times more mounts to farm. World PvP? Go Argus and hunt those pesky alliance. Raid faction leaders? Get friends and do it.

Like there is nothing that has been taken away, just find some friends and You can do everything You done in vanilla now, minus nostalgia factor.

Its entirely the game's fault. Achievements are the only thing I can accept were a good addition, world quests are part of the issue of the game showing and telling you were to go and telling you what item you will get with the exact stats it will have - what kind of mmorpg is that there is absolutely no feel of discovering anything like that. World pvp is utter garbage and worthless now. Legion is not appropriate for world pvp, firstly because it is rare to find anyone in the world seeing as most people are queuing up for raids/dungeons or in major cities and the ones you do find are flying around and the ones that aren't flying around have lots of different get out of jail for free abilities and EVEN THEN Blizzard are removing flagged pvp on pvp realms.

Automatic pvp flag was a huge part of what made WoW, WoW. A lot of people regard pvp realms as real world of warcraft, not to discredit people who enjoy PvE realms as some people simply don't enjoy pvp and I respect that. But world of warcraft is based on a Horde vs Alliance war which means you're not meant to be safe from the other faction in contested zones. The fact that they are removing this from the game completely shows that the current game design team are so out of touch with what made us fall in love with the game originally.

The last time I had friends in WoW that weren't real life friends was in early WOTLK, before dungeon finder when we had to make do with what people we could find to make a group for deadmines and two of the people from this group became my two friends which we used to talk every day. Now, making friends seems like an unnecessary chore.
In Vanilla Kronos I hit 60 at about 3am in the morning UK time. It was a warrior, my first capped 60 character on a Vanilla server. Nobody gave a !@#$ until 5 min later the one American guy online said "gz" haha. I dinged in true Vanilla style by killing a skeleton mage in Andorhal. That was the zone I dinged 58 in in TBC, and I remember it was also in Andorhal :)

I was trying to build a raiding guild so I didn't really feel too great about it because I knew now I needed to be collecting BiS. It was just one task off my to-do list.

In Legion I think I dinged in Highmountain or Val'sharah, can't even remember. In Legion it didn't feel like an achievement as it was only 10 levels and they were easy but it was cool to unlock new content. Oh and mobs started to rek me again, that was fun.
12/12/2017 15:35Posted by Xénie
I never played either of them, with the exception of last few years when I enjoyed WoW Classic on private servers.

The levelling in Classic has an atmosphere, sense of adventure, sense of real people I played with and also lots of adrenaline, lots of failures, accomplishments etc. Very familiar feeling to TBC which was the time when I began playing. I didn't rush anything, because the content didn't go anywhere. Unlike current retail, where content is made obsolete every now and then, so you need to play fast and often. It took me 6 months to 60. I died countless times. The Classic experience feels overwhelming though. The world is actually a dangerous place and you feel small and unimportant. That's what works for me RPG-wise.

Last time I played retail, that was the very beginning of WoD and I just could not stand it. I have quit for good after the first few quests that were adressing me as a champion, superhero or what not. Yuck. I kind of stumbled through MoP, since that version of a game could not be taken serious anymore. Looked around the panda land, beaten the game in LFR and then bye. Sad on one hand, but all of a sudden I found out there are many other games. So, dear OP, during Legion I actually played other stuff, WoW Classic included, with a great enjoyment.

My wife however started to play retail during Cataclysm. She isn't really a gamer, never was, but she was intriqued. Interestingly enough she felt offended by the complete lack of difficulty of the gameplay. She is a smart woman and she doesn't like being insulted. So after a week or two, about lvl 50 she has quit playing retail and changed to WoW Classic server and never looked back.

Nowdays we are both looking forward to the official Vanilla and to casually levelling together. It can take two years to 60, we don't care, because the game won't be going anywhere and will be fun regardless of lvl.

I hope my post isn't too much OT. If so, my apologies.

This guy gets it.

Bless to your family
Hello everyone,

This is my experience (lot of emotions so it could be little bit messy):

Legion - I was super excited when blizz introduced class changes. I was so damn happy that BM hunter is going to have 2 pets. I leveled up as survival hunter in vanilla and i did lot of melee fights so new survival hunter was super exciting as well! SO i started with legion as BM/SV hunter and it was fun...for 30 days or so... I had only few hours a day to play and it all ended up with farming world quests and A-power. with my average 2-3 hours playtime/day i was quickly stuck with this farming rotation, mostly alone and by the time i joined to my old guild i realized i am bored... 2nd BM pet was not what i expected (mindless AutoAttack pet with terrible player control) and melee survival was no longer so rare and renegade build as it was during vanilla so I turned the Legion off and never returned.

Vanilla - Well i was dumb and i had no idea what is going on, but after few weeks I mastered BARRENS! I knew where is what and what to do and i decided to help other players. I remember when i dropped my 1st rare item in Wailing caverns and I wanted to run it again and again and again... It was my little WC crusade and players in barrens knew there it that crazy orc hunter they can run WC with if they want to and he will help with Dungeon Quests, where to find them, etc. I even had small guild just for player in Barrens lvl range! great small community and when you were ready to leave the zone you were "released from duty" :) or you could stay if you really wanted to... Then I remember when I dropped my 1st epic. It was Bow of Searing Arrows and I finally felt like I can change my bow from WC for this beast and used it again for more then 10 levels... Then i found Hurricane on AH and i gave all i had just to have it!
As a hunter i started with BS profession but around skill 150 i found out that LW could be better since this can craft better EQ for hunter and i started my LW skill up quest...etc etc etc

Oh and 1 more thing.... I HATE how everyone is the hero of the horde/alliance and how in every quest they highlight YOU are the one to save us... FCK THAT... i just wanna serve the HORDE, be the scout, Grunt in first line attack or member of squad in last stand defense. Just give me the orders and i will do my best to clear the way for the Leaders and they will do that superhero things and decisions! Vanilla gave us feeling that we are members of our race/faction from WC3, NPCs with story and will to fight and explore and need to find other like that to push further together!

This is just a tip of the iceberg...In short, i had much more time back then, but every hour was great and i am looking forward to do it all again. And i dont care how long it will take to get to 60 and what EQ will have other players around, but i am going to run in D1 and D2 as long as i can because i love that set.

P.S.: I hope that blizz will not charge us with retail sub fees (I expect it to be lower than that...)!
Vanilla was all about community. I am still friends with multiple people that I met 13 years ago. I was only 13-year-old so I didn't know anything about the game back then. It was just fun to play and you just gained levels while playing. The main goal wasn't to get to max lvl. Every moment of Vanilla was an adventure. You needed other people to complete quests. You knew the people on your realm. I managed to raid ZG / AQ20 / Onyxia / MC / BWL and every kill and item upgrade felt like you achieved something. In modern wow you can just click a button. Wait a while and faceroll for 10-15minutes and get epic items.

In Legion you dont know anyone. You don't need to know anyone. Modern WoW is a single player game for LFD/LFR casuals. You will never need to talk to anyone ever.
I don't like the Mythic+ style item farming system that they copied from Diablo 3.
In Vanilla the player was an idiot adventurer and in Legion the player is a GOD...

For me it was always very cool of getting a new weapon. And now they have ruined it. You get a stupid legendary weapon that you upgrade forever. The legendary weapon feels like a thing from a crappy freetoplay game to upgrade your item infinitely.

I also hate the transmog system. In modern wow you never know how good gear someone really has just by looking at them.

I quit wow after playing Cataclysm for 2 weeks and I returned to test Legion just because of Classic WoW announcement. I played Legion for 1 week.
Vanilla to me was about the community and the journey.

Sines then it has become all about some goal that is set up as a carrot-on-a-stick for you.
Today i made quick test..
Legion - time to hit lvl 6 - 20 minutes, meet noone, done 3 - 5 quests alone
Vanilla (like server) - time to hit lvl 6 - 3 hours, 1 deaths, 2 invites into group, gained 6 buffs from random peeps, 10 whispers (most of them ty), 1 friend in friendlist..
The journey in vanilla:
The effort. The community. The reward.

The journey in legion:
Click this button to receive your reward.

Paying retail subscribers are posting for classic WoW to be adjusted to their liking, with things that reduce effort, reduce the community and thus reduce the reward.

Limitation and pain are good. It makes you appreciate things much more. It makes you search other people for help and comfort. It's what the original WoW was all about.
Just had a classic Legion experience:
I was downstairs in the Demon Hunter class hall, needing to go to Dalaran. But that would mean I'd have to run up and take portal.
So instead I use my Hearthstone and save all of 40 seconds of travelling.
I played the open beta in 2004 very briefly. I remember creating a dwarf hunter. I levelled it to 8 or 10 or something, then quit WoW and went back to Anarchy Online. I was 13 or 14 at the time.

Anyway, AO kind of died when WoW really took off. I didn't join WoW until a few months or so after the launch, but man, when I did it blew my mind. I played day and night and levelled a warrior to 60. That !@#$ took ages, but it was fun. I rerolled a Warlock instead, though, and that became my main character. I was in a guild with some of my father's friends and through that I made a few friends I still talk to today.

I did all of it: The Barrens chat, dying again and again in a high-level area not being able to escape, found Mankrik's wife, watched the Leeroy Jenkin's video when it first came out, hated on guilds from another faction, ran AV battlegrounds that lasted days, grinded soulstones and potions for raids, watched the first guy reach High Warlord on our realm, watched the AQ gates open (and the servers crash and misbehave; one time an Undercity/Orgrimmar zeppelin literally landed in Stonetalon Mountains - just sat flat on the ground there instead of flying. I still wonder how the hell that happened)... the list goes on. In 2006 I joined a serious raid-guild and did BWL/MC/AQ weekly, but in a fit of rebellious teenage-rage I disenchanted all my gear, deleted my character and quit playing later that year. I don't actually know why, and I am sad that my Warlock is now gone. I spent 2 whole years in WoW (and some 150 days played I think). It was great and I would not trade that experience for anything.

I came back and played a bit of TBC, then quit again and skipped WoTLK and Cataclysm entirely, then came back shortly for Panda a few years ago, then came back a few weeks ago and started Legion. And wow. What a different game it is these days. I have only talked to people at all because I joined a guild (random invite) - other than that I've just been "single-playing" my way through everything with LFD. Everything is so damn easy it makes no sense at all.

I can't speak for 90+ content as I've never been higher than 90, but I think the game is utterly ruined and I look forward to Classic. And I really hope they don't mess it up.

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