Let's make it an interview #3

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"Get up late, have breakfast with my beautiful fiancé. Then try and keep my stepdaughter from getting arrested for robbery, breaking bones, ruining all her friendships or getting drunk or high during the day. Or just doing nothing because I can."
Ly snickers and shrugs.
"Hang around with friends and the already mentioned two people in the evening. That's... yeah, that's my life now. Guess I just settled down after coming back from Argus. Never thought I'd do that, but here I am, and don't regret it one bit."

What's your favourite drink?
"Hmmm, now that was a hard question. I've once had a chance to sample one of the special reserves prepared by Vinemaster Suntouched himself and the taste was heavenly, although that was probably once in a century thing. I really enjoy Farondis Royal Red, and Sea Breeze is my preference when I feel like drinking something with a kick to it. Also, I must admit that after the campaign in Suramar I really got hooked on the famous local drink, Arcwine. It tastes simply amazing, I can hardly stop myself and usually have a glass too much. The Shal'dorei sure know how to create top quality beverages. Although..."

*Savoren slyly smiles.*

"Even something as simple as water tastes amazing when drank in company of someone as charming as the one who asked this question~"


What is your favourite place on Azeroth? And why?
Alendria tapped an index finger to her chin, pondering for a considerate moment before she came to a conclusion.

"Whilst others may view Darkshore as a gloomy place; it remains my home and core of many invaluable memories, of interesting people and sites alike."

A light smile tugged onto the corners of her lips as the night elf was seemingly reminiscing. Though, her expression was soon defined by a tint of sorrow.

"Truly- it is a shame how assault has shaped the environment to what it is today."



What does a regular day look like to you? So routines, etc.
"Mostly guard duty. You know, patrolling the streets of Orgrimmar, breaking up drunken brawls, dealing with petty thievery. I'm just hoping I get to see some action soon, or at the very least get a good bandit raid going..."

Question: Do you ever feel like you're just not as good as other people?
"One word - nonsense. I'm great!"

Question: What would you do if you realised your partner has cheated on you with an opposite faction member? Report them for treason as a form of revenge? Leave it for yourself?
"That would require having a partner, which I do not." Nendrovus gives a smug smile, and then frowns once he realises the truth to his joke.

Question: Who do you, as a friend not a lover, like the most on a personal level?
"My master, although he passed away many years ago. Without him, I wouldn't have got to this point in the mastery of self. In his honor, I earned myself a name. *He gently strokes his beard and smiles* "Munkosh Fatebeard."

Question: Are there any regrets in your past and if you got a chance to undo/change it, would you do it?
OOC: I sold some Vanilla items during Wrath/Cata that could sell for thousand of gold now.

IC: *He scratches his chin, averting his eyes, then with a quick glance about he answers*: 'I may or may not have left a few good men die alone. Whether cowardice or a proper occasion time should tell.'

Question: What's the best time you had RPing?
Alrisia blush at the question, but quickly overcomes it and gives the interviewer a smirk.
"My wife and I often enjoy playing 'Warden and Demon hunter' when we are alone..."
Wiggling her eyebrows at the person before her.
"Capturing the hunter is one thing, getting information is another."

How far are you willing to go for peace?
"From my bed to the front door. At least!" She winks and giggles.

What spot in Outland has a special place in your heart, and why?
Shadowmoon Valley. There are times when i remember the days being at the temple, training the acolytes, Dealing with demons, Resting in the Den of- Nevermind..
But yes. Shadowmoon valley, despite it's appearence, have a special place in my heart

She lets out a low sigh

Question: What is your next Adventure in life? if any, why are you going?
"My next adventure in life? well to most likely find a life mate. starting to get old, and I'm now in my thirties and I'm not getting any younger. so the sooner I can find someone the better. for what's better than family."

Question: would you ever settle down? have a nice hut to call your own. or do you live for the fray and the glory of adventure and mystery?
Neither really.
All i care about is power.
Family life while sounding nice is full of anoying interactions with, ugh "equals"(as if there is suchs a thing)
And adventure?
I coudnt care less for adventure but all the good stuff is unfortantly in places only adventure's go.
So i will tolerate the meatsheilds helping me replace sargeras.

If you had to join either the scourge(you get to keep for free will, sort off, aslong it doesnt go against the lich kings will) or the burning legion in there current broken state.
Which one would you join?
“You wish for me, a Blood Elf, to choose between that which destroyed my homeland and ravaged my people, and the fiends (whom created the Scourge in the first place) that tainted our very being as we suffered in our vulnerable state? Should death give me no release I choose Scourge so I may punish the Legion forever more.”

Q: Which well known member of Azeroth (NPC) would you be most sad to see die and why?
That is a though one.
I like both aldiun and sylvanas.

I like aldiun because he is kind, a bit(ok alot) naive but kind-hearted.
A rare trasure in our world of endless haterd and revenge.

Sylvanas on the other hand.
She is the most comptent person on both side's of the faction war.
And that says more about the other leaders then her.

If i would have to pick i would say aldiun.
Mostly because a kind and benevolt person is so rare that there an endangered spieces.
Where tyrants exist a dime in a dozen.

If you saw an undead child unaware it was undead.
What would you do with it.
"Put a quick end to his misery."
Shruggs her shoulders.
"There is no other cure, to my knowledge."

Do you have a hobby? Something that you want to keep doing even during your war campaigns or adventures.
Offers the elf a cup of tea and a cupcake, then taps her chin as she thinks.

"Well, I like making stuff! Baking sweets, to be precise! You know; cookies, cupcakes, small pastries... like that! And then share them! Mind you, I'm not a professional, just a hobbyist, I won't win any prizes, hihi, but I feel they're sufficiently tasty to paint a smile on people's faces!"


Do you ever take a holiday, and where on Azeroth (or another planet) do you like spending it?
"I'm a tracker and marksman, and business is good. I also happen to enjoy my trade, so you could say my work's one big holiday. That being said, of course I do take time off every now and then. Mostly I just spend my time off in cities. Really, mostly Stormwind and Ironforge."

Question: What's something about you that no-one expects when they first meet you? What hidden (at first sight) talent do you have, for example?
27/07/2018 17:07Posted by Rorick

Question: What's something about you that no-one expects when they first meet you? What hidden (at first sight) talent do you have, for example?

With a quirky smile.

"I may not always speak in rhyme, not every day, all the time. Others flow in open verse, be it blessing or a curse."


If you could change anything in recent history, say, 30 years or so, what would it be and what changes do you think it might have on our world today?
"The end a' the Second War.

Remember the internment camps? Don't bother with those. Just line up and execute every Orc instead. The Horde as we know it wouldn't exist, these endless wars we've been havin' woulda never happened. No Orcs, no problems.

Now granted, this'd also remove some a' the contributions that lot's done but frankly, I think we'd be fine without 'em in spite a' this. Additionally humans would be too busy bickerin' with each other to tell a sensible solution ta a threat from their own backside but eh, we're used ta cleanin' up their messes already."

Q: The Horde and the Alliance just don't seem to get along. Why do you think that is, and what do you believe needs changing the most to accomplish a lasting peace?

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