Plea for Blizzard to re-establish Twisting Nether.

Twisting Nether
Hello. I want to make a plea towards Blizzard about our realm. The amount of turkish players is really high here and the spam in trade chat is insane. Today there was a very long lasting spam in turkish language about politics and whoever spoke up about this realm being English and asking for the spam to stop, got murdered.

So what I suggest to blizzy is this:

Please consider making a turkish realm or server because this is intolerable to have so much spam in a language half of the realm cannot understand. I tolerate turkish people and i like them but i cannot tolerate this !@#$hole that they are making the realm into. Sorry, for all the people that might get butthurt by this, but it aint fun wanting to sell something/look for a guild/or whatever you wanna do in Trade chat and the only thing u can see is "benim sikerim blablabla" turkish stuff.

PS: Make it free for people from this realm to be able to transfer there, this way most of the turkish people will gladly go there without having to pay a fee :) this will make a lot of people happy who have had way too much "anani sikerim" spam in whisper on this realm.
Blizzard doesnt really read these forums, id suggest contacting them via email or GM ingame

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