Are artifact weapons going to be spec bound next exp?

I play only destro and plan so in the future, its a shame that my MT affli staff will rot and never be used... I see no reason to make them spec bound, I understand class bound and support that, but not spec bound.
Yep, they will be spec bound.
They said they would be yes. But there was a thread about it earlier, and most people found it ridiculous to make them spec-bound. I agree, utterly pointless. Making them class-bound, and bound to weapon type as all mogs already are is more than enough. Hope they change their mind until BfA comes out.
Depends on from what perspective you are looking at it.
From a Lore perspective it makes totally sense to keep them Spec-bound.
29/11/2017 02:40Posted by Anethia
Depends on from what perspective you are looking at it.
From a Lore perspective it makes totally sense to keep them Spec-bound.
If there is a Lore perspective for Holy Priests healing with a Void-corrupted staff skin , and Subtlety Rogues (no poison spec) wielding a dagger that is clearly dripping venom, there is no Lore perspective that would keep a Shadow Priest in BfA using that Void-corrupted staff skin, or an Assassination rogue using the venom-dagger mog on top of their BfA gear.
29/11/2017 02:40Posted by Anethia
Depends on from what perspective you are looking at it.
From a Lore perspective it makes totally sense to keep them Spec-bound.

Well if we look at the lore, then it makes no sense no even mog them, cause we r going to destroy them at some point in Legion.
Look.. i totally understand.
Skins are a bit tricky.. they don't really apply to the Lore - they are more of a RP thing.
If you wanna roleplay a Shadow Priest that corrupted a Holy Artifact - sure. I totally get it.. doesn't make it part of the Lore tho.

Anyway.. some Classes just don't get that Luxury.
Just look at DK for example. Each Artifact is tailored for each Spec.
It makes no sense for any of the DK Specs to wield one of the other Artifacts.

Im not the biggest Lore-nerd, but im sure there are other Classes or just Specs where this applies to.

So we end up with 3 possible Scenarios.

1. Artifact Transmogs are Spec-bound to preserve Lore, eventho there are cases where it could make totally sense to be able to wield other Specs Artifacts. Limits RP and Transmogaholics.

2. Artifact Transmogs are not Spec-bound. Breaks Lore in some cases. May piss of some nerds.

3. Artifact Transmogs Skins are transmoggable, if they "fit" with the Spec. E.g. Shadow priest can use Transmogs that look "voidy". May be a somewhat huge undertaking.. going through 240 transmogs. Some Classes may just get nothing at all.

At the end... there will always be somebody unhappy about the whole Situation.

- Transmogaholics that wont get the transmog they desire.
- Lore-Nerds rage about the Lore being broken once again.
- Some people feel left out, because they don't get anything.

It's definitely are difficult subject to adress.
Which aspect of the Game is more important? Which Community?
I don't know.

*Sorry for Typos and Grammar mistakes.
I think it's stupid to make them spec-bound. I mean, there's already several normal weapons who looks like it belongs to a class, for example, Pillar of Ferocity. It looks like a druid weapon, yet you can mog it on any class. Not to talk about tier lookalikes, where you can run around looking like a dk as a paladin.

I think artifacts should be class bound, but usable for transmog despite the spec.
1) The 'spec identity' of artifacts already doesn't exist. And I never heard any Lore-nerd complain about having the option to get venomy skins for non-poison sub rogues, icy skins for the blood dk axe, fiery skins for the forst mage staff, etc. The skins relate to the classes already, not the specs, they should be class-bound not spec-bound. If they don't like it, they don't have to transmog into it, and it's hardly worse than the current lore of every single player being the Highlord wielding the Ashbringer.

2) Wep type transmog rules already apply so the spec identity and the lore will remain intact. E.g. prot paladins can't run around 'defending' with 2H Ashbringer. But why couldn't a ret pally bash faces with a 2H wep that's mogged to look like The Silver Hand 2H mace? They can already fight with other 2H maces, so it makes no sense that they couldn't do it. Nothing prevents holy from casting heals either just because there's an Ashbringer-looking sword strapped to their back - no different than having a 2H mace on your back.

3) No transmog has ever been spec-restricted, introducing it would be inconsistent and unnecessary. The Firebird mage tier with red flame - usable by frost and arcane. The Poisoner's rogue set - usable by shadowy ninjas and pirates. We can already use looks that have ties to the class fantasy rather than spec-specific fantasy, not to mention that other classes can also use those set lookalikes.

4) Huge reduction in customizability. Artifacts being spec-bound in Legion made sense - the abilities of the spec were tied to this specific item. But with no ties to our new weps in BfA, and artifacts becoming powerless, and just being added as depleted skins to mog, why should the looks be restricted? A fire mage for example would have to farm inconvenient weapon types (int sword + offhand) if they want to use an artifact skin that they earned, even though having a BfA staff that's mogged to look like a red, fiery Ebonchill would in no way prevent them from shooting fire from their hands.

5) It fits lore within the Transmogrification framework, so that can't be an issue otherwise all mogging should be removed. You can walk up to an Ethereal and tell them to make a gun artifact look like a random quest drop bow, so nothing prevents them from making a random quest drop gun look like an artifact bow. Transmogrifiers have stared at artifacts for over a year now so that's enough time to learn how to conjure up that skin onto other items. And BM and MM are both ranged hunters, they don't forget how to shoot a gun/bow just because they switch specs (they used the specific artifacts because it gave them combat benefits, but that's going away).

We already have dks using shiny gold pally set lookalike armors, warriors using the Replica Staff of Gul'dan mog as their 2H sword, cloth classes in the Stormwind plate mog, and frost DKs using the Jewel of the Firelord helm despite having no class ties to either fire or elementals ... :D So compared to that, telling a holy priest in BfA that they aren't allowed to mog their random staff drop into an artifact staff skin with a book on it, because only Disc priests can read or some such nonsense is an inconsistent, out of place restriction. Enabling people to mog artifact skins across specs, within the current wep type transmog rules, wouldn't be lore or gameplaybreaking, and far less intrusive that the mogs we already have.
No no, that sounds way too much like player choice and character building for your character. Can't have that!

Everything must be restricted and by the letter.

There shall be no cross-spec artifact skins. No fun allowed.

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