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Hi all.

Since WoD started I've been running as a dps, mainly melee. Cleared all mythic content up until TOS where I got to 7/9 due to having to take a break. I've been gearing a brewmaster monk and have fallen in love with the spec and have decided to re-roll as tank for Antorus. Admittedly I'm still in the process of gearing and only have the one legendary but I am good with the spec and gearing isn't too hard these days. Already have 71 traits in my weapon, too. I would prefer to stay on horde as most of my chars are on a mix between Draenor, T-Mill and Kazzak but would def consider moving for the right spot. Feel free to reply here or hit me up on B'Net for a chat.

Oh and I've also got my old main (950ilvl sub rogue - 8/11HC Antorus) and a few high geared alts inclusing a resto/guardian druid, arms/prot warrior and shadow priest - all over 930ilvl and 65 traits+.

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you all. - Bootneck#21662

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