[EU]WTS Aeonaxx / Time-Lost / Grey Camel

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you guys are still active with the farm right? add me pls Palownator#2482
After many hours farming myself back in wotlk and wod, bought both TLPD and Voidtalon from them, realy fast and easy, not that expensive for the kind of mounts that they are.

i do Highly Recommended!
Hi, I have added you! please accept when you have the chance.
Fantastic service, got Time-Lost a few hours after contacting them, well worth the gold.
You guys stil lselling voidtalon ... pls add Flufie#2451
Got my TLPD all went smooth and easy, can only reccommend these guys!
Amazing service, bought the tlpd and waiting for void. Nice people.
will recomend them forward.

Edit : just got void now too.
Fast as promised, cant recomend them enough.

absolutely great service. I also recommend this guy.
Had my voidtalon in less than 5 hours after first contact
Great service, only had to wait a few days for TLPD, very organized and smooth transaction! Would prefer to anyone considering!
Awesome service :) Was informed about the void talons spawn, logged in quickly to get the mount and then traded the gold just after on my home server :D

100% Recommend these guys :)
do you still sell the camel?
add me nawaf#2264
10 / 10 would buy from again
I Just Bought Time Lost Proto Drake from these guys. They are pros about rare mounts and prices are reasonable. Definitely this is the way to go if you want rare mounts
Got my tlpd from these guys. They are legit af. Loved the treatment and the chats we had. Strelit is an awesome guy. Now waiting for the voidtalon. Keep it up guys!
In a world (of Warcraft) that's often filled with the obnoxious and inconsiderate, it was refreshing to encounter such trustworthy and pleasant people. Polite, helpful and sincere, they provided a fast delivery time with reasonable pricing. An absolute pleasure to deal with; what more could you want?
These guys are awesome! I reached out to them at night telling them I want to buy the TLPD, the next morning one of them added me on BNET and by the end of the day he /w me saying it's up (I know it was luck that the drake was spawned but still). Since I parked an alt in Storm Peaks I got there fast and I got it.
The guys are really friendly, helpful and professional with awesome prices!

I would highly recommend to get at least 1 mount from them!
I would highly recommend these boosters for these mounts! A few weeks ago I bought the Forgotten Hippogryph for myself and my sister, and just yesterday I booked a spot for the Time-lost Proto-Drake.

The very next morning, I received a message stating the Time-Lost Proto-Drake was up, and I went, claimed my mount along with everyone else, and much happiness was had!

Very fair prices, amazing delivery on service, very friendly and informative, and could only hope these guys/girls are still here come BfA as there are still a few mounts I want :D 10/10 Would DEFINITELY recommend!
Hello !
Just got my TLPD, with a friend of mine today. We ordered id in the morning and here we are !
Super happy, I'l def come back for the Voidtalon anytime soon !
Very professional, fast and easy i liked it so much <3 (Highly recommend these guys)

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