110 PvP Arms - Not Working for me?

Hi All,

Here's the question which I'll follow up with some background. I'd really appreciate any help/tips:

Question: Is 110 Arms not good for PvP? Or am I doing something wrong?

Background: So I've recently returned to WoW after playing vanilla years ago and quitting once the level cap went to 70. I've recently leveled up a warrior to 110 and enjoyed the leveling process mainly in battlegrounds. I've found 1v1 not..... easy per say but manageable and I've been pretty confident going into 1v1's.

Now I've hit 110 I have zero chance on my own, even against other warriors. I think my gear is half decent and I haven't really scrutinized my build but I kinda of just want to know where I'm going wrong?

I'd really appreciate anyone taking the time to look at my char and make some recommendations.

All the best
At first take cookie cutter talents.

Dauntless or Sweeping strikes if you can hit more then one target.
Rend - most of your damage comes from it and it is about 60k dps worth in pvp.
Defensive Stance - pop it when you are low.
Titanic might - best talent in a row and synergises well with rend.
In for the kill - best talent for damage, other two are just placeholders.
Opportunity Strikes - best option for damage, also gives a lot of rage and helps to kill people during execute phase.

1)Always keep harmstring and rend on target
2)rotation is CS>MS>slam but don't press CS if you still have shattered defenses buff, consume it with MS at first.
3)Use warbreaker before using your burst so you can always have shattered defenses buff before bursting.
4)Don't forget to get out of defensive stance before bursting.

Speaking about pvp talents.
Sharpen Blade is thy only must have, others can differ depending on situation.
Macro it with your burst and with your stun so you can get most benefit from it.

I recommend you to download any addon to track rend and harsmtring, cause it is super important if you wan't to have good damage. Try TMW or Tidy plates
Rend and mortal combo - these are best damaging talents.
You know playing warrior is like playing piano, you need to be able to cope with complex rotation at the following priority:

Keep rend on target, colossus smash, overpower, mortal strike, slam.

To be competitive warrior class requires heavy use of macros, basically almost every button you use should be macros instead of raw ability. I would recommend to put all offensive buffs with rend in same macro, so you start your attack with rend and it automatically pops all buffs.

Defensive stance should be also included in macros. cancelling def stance should be on every attack button.
In my opinion, its not that they are not good, but just that there are better classes out there at the moment with the "META" classes/specs, you'll find it easier once your item level increases and your play style focus is on single target bursts.

There really is not a wrong way to play warriors but there is a optimal way to go at it, your talents need a few tweaks. http://www.worldofwargraphs.com/pvp-stats/talents/warrior/arms that paged helped me a lot along with other pages just to get a general idea.

before a match you may adjust the talents / honor talents to fit the situation. macro's help a lot, simple ones like charge and hamstring in one, a macro to pop big buffs and bursts. there is so much one can do.

Down side to warriors, or any melee class i guess is being kited, so you could sacrifice a stun and defense stance for mobility or mobility for stuns and defense. (double edged sword of the class.) we rely heavily on healers to do some real damage at the end of the day.
Guys....really appreciate the tips there. I'm going to re-adjust the talents, get used to the play and create some macros.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply with those points.
1v1 ???????
1v1 and warrior ? aahuauauhuha :D:D:D dont try dude ..
Arms is the worst dueling class since WOD.
Arms is horrible without a 24/7 babysitting healer.
Arms has the worst and the longest defensive cds.
Arms has the worst selfheals ingame.
Arms has average damage.

What does arms has? some cool animations and thats it.
Arms is no good for solo, you can get kited easily since most of the classes run away and some of them with protection bubbles.

To have a stun ability you have to give up on double charge/charge cooldown, so if you cant burst 100% HP enemy health in 4 secs of stun - you're a toast.

Find yourself a healer and queue for 2v2 arenas, or even 3v3 - that's where the Arms potential is hiding.
You know arms is sometimes fun to play in random battle grounds - this is what this class is capable to do. To be invited in descent BG team or arena you need to switch a class. There is a reason there are very few warriors in high rated arena and BG.
Just some numbers.

2v2 arena rating 2700+
Druid 25.0% (30)
Shaman 18.3% (22)
Priest 14.2% (17)
Monk 10.0% (12)
Paladin 10.0% (12)
Rogue 5.8% (7)
Demon Hunter 4.2% (5)
Death Knight 4.2% (5)
Hunter 3.3% (4)
Warlock 2.5% (3)
Mage 1.7% (2)
Warrior 0.8% (1)

3v3 arena rating 3000+

Shaman 18.0% (23)
Priest 17.2% (22)
Druid 14.8% (19)
Monk 10.2% (13)
Mage 8.6% (11)
Rogue 7.8% (10)
Hunter 6.3% (8)
Death Knight 4.7% (6)
Paladin 3.9% (5)
Warrior 3.9% (5)
Warlock 3.1% (4)
Demon Hunter 1.6% (2)

rated bg, rating 2600+

Priest 20.8% (22)
Demon Hunter 15.1% (16)
Rogue 12.3% (13)
Monk 12.3% (13)
Druid 11.3% (12)
Paladin 10.4% (11)
Warlock 10.4% (11)
Hunter 3.8% (4)
Death Knight 0.9% (1)
Warrior 0.9% (1)
Shaman 0.9% (1)
Mage 0.9% (1)

As a conclusion warrior is completely useless in high rated BG and 2v2 and on the bottom in 3v3.
Lol... so because theyre not popular for those few top % players who make it above 2.7k, you say theyre useless? its a game man.. cheer up. I play at the 2.2k mmr and i face warriors like 1 game in 4, usually teamed up with an ele shaman or a dk.
@Peá: if you are happy with getting over 2k comfertably and enjoy games, warriors will do just fine mate.

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