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Looking for Players – PvE
Me(warlock) and my friend(paladin healer or tank) is looking for home, we are back to the game just few days ago and is looking for helpful and semi-casual guild that does more than just raid(don't have to be often raid, 2-3 raids a week is enough), but we want to do as well dungeon(mythic or mythic+). Please contact me via message by adding me chiquita#1213 as i'm not that often here. Thanks and hoping to find new good home :)
Hey there :) would you be interested in joining Codex? please feel free to /w me or anyone else online for more information :). Hope to see you guys soon :)
If you are interested, our casual raiding guild Genshiken Horde is recruiting currently. On wich server are you currently playing?
hi itzy, please add my battletag for a talk, Iltrhandur , we are right now on Grim'Batol server
raid times and days does not matter for us. enjoying with the people who are nice and funny is what we are after. We don't mind progress with guild from zero as well. we got some good exp in pre expansion before.
my ilvl currently is 927 as warlock destruction for those who wanted to know my gear
Not sure if you two have found a home yet, but see whether we're your cup of Tea

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