Healer LF Mythic Raiding Guild

My name is Sakaru!
I play a Restoration Shaman on Kazzak.

So! It's been a while since I've raided Mythic difficulty raids.
I stopped around the middle of March 2017 due to IRL situations, and stopped during The Nighthold, at 5/10 Mythic.
Since then I've tried to clear ToS heroic as often as I could so as not to fall behind too far on gear should I wish to return to raiding for Antorus.

And the time is now! I'm looking to join a semi-hardcore guild (2-3 raiding nights per reset), in hope to clear the current content before it becomes irrelevent - to get Cutting Edge before it disappears at the very least :)

Drop me an add on battlenet or prod me on this forum topic which i'll try and look at at least twice daily :)

Peace out!

Sakaru - sakaru#2690

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