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Name the first char you’ve leveled and the server that was on!

I think I’ve tried a priest and a warrior before I finally tried a human Mage, called Medetheron, on Dragonblight.

I leveled messy and tried many things in the meantime, so I wasn’t 60 in time for BC. But that first leveling experience to 58 ( :p ) was realy memorable. And it made me an alt-aholic right trough BC, when the leveling was still as slow as I was used to.

I don’t even care about 60 endgame yet! Bring on the leveling :D

What’s yours?
my first character in wow is this one, started in 2004, tauren druid leveled as restoration, man was it slow.
Shimone hellscream alliance, human male mage, I got so many whispers asking if i was jewish. I think i deserved it for taking name from a fantasy book :)
My first character, rolled on Nov. 23, 2004, was a restoration druid.
Can't use him as avatar here because he is on the US Zul'Jin server.

My most played characters in Vanilla were my Alliance Hunter and my Horde Shaman though. With my hunter I was raid leading back in MC, and my shaman was also raiding horde side.

But raiding from midnight to 3am or more became too taxing, so I rerolled on EU servers. My main was a Hunter again, this time to the end of Vanilla.
Human rogue named Alonstiff. It was a randomized name. I was already level 40 when somebody told me that I misspelled Alone + stiff.
Undead priest named Harmless, forgot the server name.

I leveled as shadow at the time. I remember doing instances and was always expected to heal. It didn't matter that I once did Maradon with two resto druids in the group, I was still expected to heal. One of the druids said it was so nice there was a priest in the group to heal so he could finally dps. Moonfire and auto attack...
This was my first toon - back in classic she was a human Mage on Thunderhorn :-)
that depends if the CB counts then it is a Tauren Shaman
if you only count live it is a Dwarf Hunter because my GF at the time wanted to play a nightelf
This char right here was made on May 26th 2005 (as a human male on EU-Burning Blade) and was my first ever character in WoW.
My first character was a nelf druid named "Icyshiva" on Moonglade sometime 2005. People kept whispering me if I had gotten the name from the manual, as there was a small picture of a mage named that there(if I recall correctly), but I had never read through the manual before!
This one, played the beta and was also a priest back then.
Hades, tauren warrior on Bronzebeard. Reached level 10 or so then i deleted him due to continuous Deaths making my gear red. Didnt know why - thought i used all my lives. Had afew random toons. Highest i got to was 27 then TBC came out and i got my own account.

When TBC came and i made a belf paladin on Aszune, currently its 110 om tarren mill. While it was level 34 an undead mage booster me in all the scarlet wings for the quest. He was called Deadinferno and was in a guild called ”Fellowship of the Horn” After he boosted me i was blown away over how cool mages were and instantly created an undead mage (the one im posting on)

Edit: typos
This one is my 1st character, made the 9th december 2005 (my birthday) wow was my present.
My +80k kills remind me how fond i was about wpvp and Bgs
I used to play from 2005 to 2010. I can't wait classic
This character. Raided to Nef and then switched to my warrior. Mages were fun, but for raids fury warriors were a lot more fun!
Tauren Warrior on Ragnaros migrated to Darksorrow right before TBC.
Dwarf Warrior in the early BC days, whatever year that was.

His name was Arnard and it was on the realm Terenas.

I made my own guild at level 18 so I could design my own tabard, red and gold with a flame design, that went nicely with my armour and red shirt. I’d Just got a pair of grey shoulder pads that I thought was amazing which sparked my desire to look completely rad, good times. Even at 12 years old I was so fussy about my characters appearance.

I remember the day I eventually got the blue axe Killmaim, I was chatting a level 70 guildy in goldshire lustfully about it and how I wish I could afford it off the auction house, he disappeared for 10 mins and came back and it turns out he’d Bought it for me. Still makes my heart warm to this day.
Welly - Undead Rogue on Silvermoon, server were like 80% alliance, but it was a PvE server.

Won't remake that character tho, as i have no real interest in playing a Rogue in classic
Tulppa - Hunter on Frostwhisper. Not sure yet what I am going to play in classic.
Kry, undead warlock on Defias Brotherhood, in early 2005. As you can see, I stopped playing in wotlk.
Human warrior, around the period during Draenor. Can't remember server. Also recently started to play wow again (6 weeks ago) And I like vengeance demon hunter atm :) Stil new in WoW but I like the game, and really going to play the new expansion from minute one. Never had a full experience of something that was for everyone new ;) if u understand what im saying. Also I feel like I should lvl a char on the upcoming vanilla wow server. Cya have a nice day! .. :)

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