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<-- This one.. :)

Technically Khaldor - Human mage on the beta realm was first, but this was the first one one live servers. Played since day one and everyone who preordered got beta access.
Svaneboy - Later renamed to Svane! Still playing on it, been playing since half a year in Vanilla, got almost 400 days /played on it! Even got a 3d printet figure of my char next to me!

<-- Geek
Alyanyaja - Gnome mage - Burning blade - Vanilla 2005.

Wow was my first mmorpg. I really sucked :)
Took me 29 days to reach 60. Blizzard was my go-to spell, even against 1 mob.
Still remember how I explored every single part of every zone, while players were questing/chatting all around me. The world was alive and I was mindblown.

Asprin, Actionhank, Arioo, Garadornor.. Hope to see you again :)
Made this pala in january 2006, was a bald and faboulous human paladin named Sushi on Nordrassil
Lompen Human Mage, Magtheridon-EU Alliance. Didn't start to raid until TBC, in a guild called "Aggroculture". Anyone remember me? :)

I was 15 at the time, now I'm 26.
This one in early tbc, realm Laughing Skull. First guild was a dutch guild called "De Bierbende". Was a stubborn teenager who wanted to be a paladin. I started to regret it when I noticed other classes leveling much much faster than me. Sadly this was around lvl 40 and I cba to reroll. People pretty much laughed at me when I toled em I was gonna be dps end game, so I rolled a healer and didn't look back since.
November 25th 2005, i made this character <----. He was a human female rogue on Dunemaul server. I used atleast 5-6 months (in played im not sure) to level 60, but when i finally hit level 58, me and my buddy had a "lan" and i did 58-60 in one night. Oh memories..
My 1st char was this, Buenor, dwarf paladin, start on Darkmoon Faire then switched to Pozzo dell'eternità when italian realms was opened.
<- was my first character.

Made him as a night elf male on the Earthen Ring realm during the beta in 2004 and remade him on day 1 of the official release on Earthen Ring as Moonstorm Night elf male.
Marena - Mage - Shadowmoon.
For me it was an UD priest back before BG's were released., I remember levelling with spirit tap and having to use a wand so that you were outside the FSR by the time the fight was over (so you got the full benefit of spirit tap's regen).... love that priest.
This one :) Started out on Dragonmaw server early 2005.
Destruction since the get-go, but the specc is nothing like it used to be
Windbrush-Deathwing deleted it at 56 remembering got pissed when landing in Hillsbrad, lagged so badly that when i saw the town feom gryphon picture froze and next pic. Was me dead at the landing zone.

Hillsbrad lag was epic
My first character? You are looking at him.

This characer was my first.
Started out on nordrassil. His looks never changee, his frosty fingers are still cold as the arctic. But not being played very often anymore.

If I recall his professions were leather/skinner, I remember I leveled him to 60.
But I ditched him before TBC in favour of a Gnome called Spinsprocket which as you can see I still got.

But I probably will start classic with a Dwarf Hunter
This was my first char leveled on Sylvanas towards the end of BC.

I remember been super excited to get my epic ground mount and rushing off to western plauge lands to go to war with a spider that killed me after i wanderd off the path at a lower level. I found said spider it was still skull level and destroyed me again. A friend who introduced me to the game came with me and found it all helarious.
I still remeber my first crit over 1k and so many other comical mistakes/situations.
I dont think you will ever beat the first time you level :)
A gnome rogue named Sitrus, i still got that one, level 77 on Agamaggan server. Got to 60, played mostly PvP with him got to knight-Lieutenant, raided some MC. Thats about it for him (i also had auto attack on my action bar until i was about lvl 45, someone at school laughed at me for doing that so i learned not to have it :P).

After some fun in BG/MC i leveled this paladin to 60 on the same server (now, a couple of faction/race and server changes later he is a human again but on a different server). Playing in MC not knowing what to do at all trying to dps some (Guild leader was very nice so i could dps since I got this pala to 60 late in vanilla). The most fond memory i have is close to TBC release, gearing up for tanking on my paladin and actually tanking in lvl 60 dungeons and UBRS, fun times.

Oh, i also remember vividly beeing in Wetlands running from crocodiles donning my green iron armour, so bad !@#.

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