85%+ parse lf guild, all goes

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello everyone,

My name is Joey, I'm a 25 year old Belgian. below you can find summaries, logs and a tad about myself.

about myself:

So as I said, I'm a 25 year old Belgian, playing wow since vanilla. I ran a guild on ragnaros but left after a dispute with an officer who always went mia.
I have a 939 eq fury warrior (all fury legendaries & arms). 949 overall(cof be damned). I also have a 938 frost mage as an alt & a rogue with bad gear. warrior has 75 fury 71 arms, mage 71 frost.

raiding experience:
vanilla: MC/onyxia/ZG/aq20
TBC: all but sunwell
wotlk: all but lk25hc
cata: only DS ( break)
mop: (break)
WOD: (break), cleared hfc though
legion: 7/7 heroic EN, 3/3 heroic TOV, 10/10 heroic NH, 2/9 mythic TOS


hey there! well this sounds very good to me, you and our guild have the same progression in legion. Can i invite you for a chat on our discord?

If you are willing to transfer then we are in need of a warrior on Tarren mill .
You can read more about us on Forgottenchampions.eu and contact me or an officer to have a chat on https://discord.gg/CNWk4TF

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