Competence Optional: Argus the Unmaker HC Boost

Twisting Nether
Good evening, With the fresh release of Antorus finally upon us, Competence Optional 9/9M & 11/11 HC are pleased to offer a professional boosting service at a competitive price. The current package offer is:

<Argus the Unmaker> Heroic. (Get your beautiful mount!)

We ask that the fee is paid in full prior to the pull of the boss, where instructions of the encounter will be given. The loot will be set to personal, so you have an added bonus to potentially leave with some 955ivl gear. Our first confirmed boost session will be taking place on Monday 4th December at 7.45pm Server time.

An added guarantee with this service is the Ahead of the Curve Achievement.

All boost runs will consist of 5 paying customers, in booking slot of 10 minutes each run. (Please note: we only accept gold payments.)

For all booking / pricing enquiries, please feel free to contact myself or fellow guild members on battle-net via: Juicebox#21550 // Davepls#2905// Sylph#21244 // Boggle#2517 // MadTaff#2586

Some of our boosters also live stream, so it may be that you wish to view a boost take place prior to making a booking.

Kind regards,
Really nice guys which know their !@#$!

Smooth and fast run! :D

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