[H] Holy Pally LF Antorus Group

Looking for Players – PvE
Hiya, I'm looking for a group to join regular runs of Heroic Antorus.
I'm currently in a guild of RL friends and would prefer to stay in that, which is why I'm just looking for a group of others.
I used to raid more seriously on another account back in BC & WotLK and then a little on this during MoP, this expansion though I've had to rely entirely on using the group finder. I'd prefer to be a part of a regular team that I can get to know.
Unfortunately I work nights so am only really about in the evenings on Thursdays, but the majority of weeks I can do any day apart from weekends between 13:00-17:00.
I know my times and guild situation aren't ideal but hoping there's a group of people out there raiding at my times, let me know!

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