what is your title and why?

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Stylist Because I got style oh yeeeah.

I use class titles, but if I use other, it's "Field Photographer", because I'm a photographer irl..
Loremaster it took me ages to get it :)
"Of the Horde" because i like it. I could use "The Bloodthirsty" too, but for some reason i don't like that one ;-)
I am the Lightbringer! Because I took the candle!
I don't really think of my earned titles with any kind of reasoning... most of mine have Order Hall titles, if any at all.
the Fearless - comes good with my DH playstyle. =)
Grand Marshal, because it's been one hell of a ride back in Vanilla. I keep it, as well as the r14 tmog, to memorize my best gaming experience to date. I could also use "the bloodthirsty", but i find Grand Marshal to have more RP value.
Lets see now
of Orgrimmar

1) Because i am an orc
2) Because i am on Horde
3) Because my name is Hordarak

The Immortal the most of my chars but on some (especially below level 80) I use the bloodthirsty.
Mines is Salty because I'm salty.
13/12/2017 09:07Posted by Sgaj
Stone guard

Mostly because it's no longer obtainable and it shows you've been around for a while

lol u can have it. just hit 1,6k in rbg and PUM u are stone guard
I use Champion because this is the only place I ever got called Champion :p
Defilers end is my favorite its from killing mythic archimonde (in legion isnt hard anymore at all escpially now with gear we have), its not the hardest title to get or ever was but ,for me it means alot cause was first endboss i killed on mythic and from the memories of doing that fight with my guild and friends at the time. To bad the guild fall apart in legion though :(. Still miss those guys.
14/12/2017 09:16Posted by Plamcia
I am the Lightbringer! Because I took the candle!

now youl have the kobold army going after you , you shoulndt have told them!
... of the Shattered Sun

because it is awesome :)
The Slayer because I completed my class order hall and was too apathetic to change it. Plus its not a bad title. On my lock, I have a monocle transmog and go with professor.
I don't have one until I find something that suits a shadow priest
Manslayer... obvious reasons.
None, I am Grog and only Grog

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