what is your title and why?

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"The StormBreaker"
First title I really worked to get quickly. Never been bothered about them before or since really.
The Hordebreaker

because i like killing the horde on my 60 warrior in outland :D
The insane, because I'm nuts
Vanquisher, rare title that comes from the arena realm(last arena tour was in 2013), very few people have it or even know where it comes from.

And with how many evils/threats we have vanquished over the years its more than a fitting title.
"Draenei Destroyer" cuz Im Orc.
The four winds because well Erah is the master of air and of the four winds of Azeroth.
The gullible (coz I am) or the beloved (coz I am) on most toons.
I don't use a title. I like that people can easily read my name. It's short by intention, so adding a long title to it sort of defeats the purpose.

I have occasionally been using The Insane title, because it fit well when playing Shadow Priest, and because it took forever to acquire that title, so I sometimes feel a bit obligated to use it :P
On my warlock I use the "farmer" since my warlock is dressed up as one, but I was kinda disappointed to find out that that title was only available to the character that originally got it. Not sure if they changed it already though.

On my other toons where I have nothing special going on I usually just have "Bloodsail Admiral" because I feel like that's the rarest one I have. Don't really collect titles so not that much choice either.
12/12/2017 23:09Posted by Seråph
'Crusader' because it took absolutely ages to get and i'm still not ready to replace it til i get 'Lightbringer',
and i'm all about the Light
Same here! Though I did get the Lightbringer title already. Man that crusader title was a grind to get, took over a month I believe, and required every major alliance faction exalted. Turned in a lot of cloth just for that :)
Salty because of reasons
Mine is /Lord Of War\ which is one of my most prestigious achievements I have. From beating the coliseum in WoD.

But it fits a warr perfectly and I love it. *but it can’t be used by other characters of mine =(
I think it's been of the Nightfall for quite a while, but I don't have titles visible in game. I just liked it, and thought it fits my character, halfway between light and shadow.
I also use -of the Black Harvest

Use it because it can't be obtained anymore and works for Warlocks only. Besides that I think it sounds cool.
"Defeated Kanrethad Ebonlocke and gained command over fel energy before the expedition to Draenor set out."

Have to admit though I wouldn't mind having -the Insane title either, but I still don't
I use <Salty> because it fit's my name.
12/12/2017 22:45Posted by Aylmeric
The Undying.
It took effort & is unobtainable now.

and luck as to not die because the Wintergrasp battle crashed the server while you were raiding Naxx ^_^
Of the Black Harvest.

It took me about 40 attempts before I got my green fire. Since the title got unobtainable it makes me feel like a special snowflake.
Although I only given Mage Tower 1 try and failed miserably at it (much like my 1st attempt at Kanretad) lol
This one is Camel-Hoarder because it's a secret fetish of all Demon Hunters to hoard camels.
Indomitable. Honoring challenge modes with that. Had immense fun playing them.
The Lightbringer, i've been waiting years for this title.

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