2 Veterans looking for guild - Guardian + Mage

Tarren Mill / Dentarg

We are 2 veterans who have played the game for a good number of years and have fully cleared the content numerous times on highest difficulty.

We're looking for either a hardcore or a semi-hardcore guild that is able/aiming to clear Antorus on highest difficulty.

The guild must have a good social structure and organised leadership. Having people in the guild being active in mythic+ is a very big bonus, but not mandatory.

We're offering quality performance, ability to self-improve based on logs, always being up-to-date with current content tactics and of course, a friendly attitude.

We both have experience in almost all raid tiers that have been added into the game, although not always full cleared on highest difficulty, we have gotten pretty close to that in the cases where we did not finish the content.

In terms to availability, we can attend any day of the week from 19:00 ST onwards to any hour.

Armory links:
Druid: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/moonlance
Mage: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/tarren-mill/vexiusz

In light of the content of the armory links, they are severly outdated, and our gear does not correspond with what the armory shows. As of writing this post, we are 942 and 945 respectively.

When it comes to artifacts, we both have over 75 traits invested in them.

Hello there Moon

Our guild <Da Noob> is a 9year old one, always aimed high progress and played for end game. We are semi-hardcore raiding guild. 2 nights of raiding Thurs-Mond from 20to23 server. Adding some optional Wed nights to farm raids. We are in need of reliable and passioned raiders. If you are interested or have questions. pls contact me or any officer in game. Have a nice day.
Update: Mage progress is now 11/11HC

We're still looking.

Moonlance, currently we are progressing antorus the burning throne 8/11HC our best try was 12% on Sisters, most prolly we will clear antorus next week, our raid time is 15-18 Sat, and Sunday hopefully it would be great time for you, if your interested please add me Mango#1703
Update: Druid is now 1/11M

Still looking.
Druid's Guardian is at 949, Balance at 951.
Mage is at 946.

Still looking.

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