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Hello everyone reading this.

I've recently retired my warrior, because of getting burned out after playing DPS since vanilla. So with my druid I'm looking to keep wow fun and fresh.
I've not healed much in the past, but if the performances of my warrior are anything to go by, I should do fine.

My druid is located on Silvermoon atm, but a transfer is on the cards for sure. Horde/Alliance doesn't matter. My druid is 110 with relatively bad gear, but that should be fixed soonish.

Anyway, I wanted to try healing this time after 13 years. I've dpsed and tanked since the start of vanilla on my warrior, achieving all legendaries, 75 traits in all specs etc this expansion. Underneath you can find a summary of my raiding experience (when content was current):

Vanilla: all upto BWL (warrior dps main)
TBC: all upto SWP (warrior tank main)
Wotlk: all upto LK hc (10/25) (hunter main, warrior alt)
Cata: break
Mop: break
Wod: all raids heroic (warrior/DK main)
legion: all raids heroic (killing a mythic boss here and there) (warrior dps main)

I have 11/11 heroic experience atm. Doing this I always parse purple at least. (logs can be provided on battle. net, won't link here)

I'm looking for a guild that raids 3/week max. not with a 4th optional day or anything. 3 DAYS MAX.

Please have a look at our recruitment post to see whether we're what you're looking for in a guild/community:
If you are interested in changing to Horde then send me a message on if you want to talk anymore about stuff. Darkling8335#2286.
<Vicinity of Obscenity>[Frostmane] reforming raid team. 11/11 HC Looking to continue fast 1 shot clears.Late night raids to accomodate working people. Weekday raids 8 -11 server
/w Numlock21955
Hello Neortic,

Please add me on Discord and lets talk. iReprise#8805

Our progression:
1/11 M

Raid twice a week from 20:00 till 23:00 on Tuesday/Thursday.
Hey if you're still looking I think my guild would fit you perfectly, add me on (Wallnutt#2575) and get in contact :)
Hi there! Hit me up for a chat if you want: timo#2301. We raid 2n/ week and are having our first myhic run this week.

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