953 Shadow Priest Looking for guild!

Looking for Players – PvE

I'm a former Hardore/semi-hardcore raider who just got back to the game.

I'm now looking for a MORNING/DAY time guild to progress with, preferably during the weeks, and at any time! Do you know any guilds like this!?

Please hit me up if you do!

Should properly give days/time you're free on, as some ''morning'' guilds are 6AM and others are 9AM and both would be classified as morning ^^
Hello Brunnx, we're Mors Principium Est from The Sha'tar.
If faction change isn't an issue :P

We're a fairly new guild, coming up our one year anniversary in March.
Mostly made up of a group of friends that decided to start our own guild,
when some of us weren't able to raid at later times anymore.
We're mostly Finns (you will most likely hear some Finnish),
but we do have a few English speaking people as well, hopefully we will get more.
We're a friendly bunch and it's quite easy to get into the community if you're active.

Quite a few of us have mythic raiding experience and have been playing the game for a long time.
I think our age range is somewhere around 20-40, most of us are working adults and some of us have families.

We start raids quite early due to the fact that people need to be in bed by 10pm basically.
Our current progress is 1/11M, normal and HC on farm each week.
We raid Wed, Thurs, Sun at 17-20 server time (18-21 Finnish time). Sunday has been reserved for normal atm.

If this peaked your interest in any way, feel free to add me on bnet NasaSajosee#2881 or message me on discord Jas#3997

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