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Argent Dawn
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For Gilneas, by Gilneans.

This is our motto, by it we shall aid all efforts to secure our homeland firmly back into the hands of its rightful ruler. We shall spare no cost, personal or material in achieving this goal.


OOC Info

Greetings all.
For a while now, i have mulled over an idea of making a military unit that would focus it self into aiding the liberation of Gilneas. And while in the past, this seemed hard to actually accomplish, since Gilneas was and still is a contested land, the upcoming expansion shows Gilneas firmly in the hands of the Alliance, and i have also heard rumors about it having a flight path, infrastructure, etc, etc, like all other race capitols have. This has made my idea feasible, and i have decided to start it up.

The guild recruits all Worgen and Gilneans (not cursed humans) into its fold, with all classes accepted.

Since this is meant to be primarily a military unit, we will , for now anyway, focus on the military aspect of preparations for reconquering Gilneas (naturally, we don't know IC what will happen in the future, but our efforts will span for months, probably joining the various RP events, especially those that include areas near Gilneas it self.)

We are naturally loyal to the Alliance, but first and foremost to King Greymane.

We will strive to aid the Alliance military in combat and repopulation of the Gilneas area. Perhaps as we grow, we will even acquire sciency types who might be able to help with the Plague cleansing. (fingers crssed we grow so large). For now, we will not have a civilian part as such, but perhaps more of the rear echelon people, who wont fight or be at the front.

We will do our best to take part in relevant Alliance RP events, be it RP-PvP or other, aside from our own events which will come in the future.

There is no mandatory uniform ( for now at least, you never know ), aside from the tabard, but we strongly encourage members to wear darker colors, for easier blending with the enviroment.

For any more info, please whisper any of our people online.

Thank you.

WEBSITE: https://nightfallbrigade.github.io/

Argent Archive node: https://www.argentarchives.org/node/201778?

*edited with some more info, as per request.
Love the idea. There have been a few Retake Gilnea Guilds about but for some reason I get a good feeling about yours mate. I also foresee a military based guild going for as it is the most favourable on AD. I also see the idea of the guild fitting in very nive with BoA. i look forward to watching how your guild grows
For Gilneas! xP
Another steps in to give it an attempt!

Never bad to see one trying to get a Worgen guild up and running actively, especially one centered around the liberation of Gilneas. You're in for a tough ride.

But thumbs up! hope you find many interested and have a good time!
Well, it might be hard, but we still have ways ahead of us till the time actually comes, and we will try to do the most in that time. Not bad for day one really, got 5 new members. I'm satisfied.

And thanks for your wishes.
Greetings Lonehowl! I'd like to say that throughout the entirety of this expansion I was slightly disappointed by surprising lack of Gilneas themed guild. This is something that strikes me as strange considering the fact that for the first time since Cataclysm, new lore was provided for Gilneas. Needless to say I am overjoyed that within this week not one but two new concepts were created concerning this needlessly dying breed of RP that Gilnean community is becoming.

However, I can't help myself but feel like the introduction to your guild is somewhat short. If you could expand upon the original post a bit further I'd really appreciate it for sake of sating my own interest, perhaps regarding questions such as; how do you plan to execute this "reconquering"? Is it by combat, removal of blight or maybe repopulating? Gilneas is troubled by many things and Forsaken presence is by my beliefs one of less potent threats. Is it a grand-scale official military unit or a smaller group of specialists or guerrilla partisans? Why is it a brigade, is there a background story to it, is it loyal to Alliance as whole or more specifically their King? Does your guild make use of uniforms or follow a specific theme, perhaps neither?

Many other questions spring to mind but I don't wish to needlessly clog your thread, my comment is slowly reaching the size of your original post albeit not being extremely long. Regardless, I remain overjoyed by new initiatives sprouting up and wish you the best of luck with this project.
Hello Tontas.

Thank you for your interest, and yes, all those questions are quite valid, and while i planned this recruitment post to be as it is, i can, by all means add more to it and i will do my best to rectify the shortcommings you posted, but in about an hour, lunch time soon, and you gave me a lot of work, hehe.
There we go, edited wih more info.
I would like to welcome our 4 new members, they are an awesome crew.
We have recruited some more people and have moved to Lakeshire, where we will train and gete to know each other fully. If anyone is interested, they can see us out there or see if any of us is in Stormwind, recruiting.
15 strong now and growing, hope more Worgen and unafflicted Gilneans join us, the sooner the better!!!
Been working with Lonehowl in different shapes and forms over many years.
I can strongly recommend him as an honest upfront and good active player and leader. You will never hear any fuzz around him. Its straight, clear and yep.. just that. As he is also a rl military person his knowledge and skills in military theme will come good in hand.

So, thumbs up for your project Lonehowl and anyone interested give him a poke.
Aww, how sweet of you, troll filth!!!!

Thanks for the praise, Zekka.

Kai'ju for life!!!! khm....i mean GLORY TO GILNEAS!!!!
The Nightfall Brigade had its first real RP event last night, clearing some orcs that reside near Lakeshire. Had loads of fun while doing it. Tonight we are off again, to aid some of our allies with something much more sinister.
I have to report that we are as of tonight 27 strong and growing steadily. A group of lovely people.
The Brigade has joined the Winters Veil RP-PvP event in Hillsbrad in force, and a good thing we did, not 20 minutes after we had arrived, Strahnbad was under attack. Thanks to all the Alliance and Horde players for massive ammounts of fun. See you all around.
Really fun and friendly guild with a mix of new and old RPers, highly recommend for those Gilneas RPers out there
Glad to inform we are doing good in Alterac, sharing in the glory with our allies and having fun while bashing, and being bashed by, the Horde.
As the campaign in Alterac comes to its end, the Nightfall Brigade will move out of Alterac as well. However, our destination is much closer to heart then is Storwind or Lakeshire. We will remain close to Hillsbrad, since Gilneas is just around the corner from there, so we have decided to stay close. The exact location will be revealed tonight, there are all ready plans for some RP and RP-PvP with our friendly enemies in the Grim Gest so hopefully, we will see more Gilneans join our ranks for some fun. We currently number around 35 members, with a core of around 15 really active players.

See you out there!!
Personaly i support this idea, tried my own awhile back but ran out of time to run it due to IRL Call. Home to Gilneas.... I will put it up on our discord for people still there ^^
The guild will for the time being lurk around Arathi, with incursions to Silverpine, to scout it out and to badger the Horde guilds that reside there.

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