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Argent Dawn
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I'm bumping this thread. These guys are seriously one of the most mature, nicest guilds I have RPed with. Considering it was on the opposing faction RP-PvP.

It was an absolute delight, humans, worgen, forsaken, a goblin and an orc clash together. You made - we made this feel like a real world at war from my view that is how I felt.

It was an awesome experience and it was a shame I was unable to attend the last rppvp event. But the Hand are very thankful for having us as well as our GM for getting things together on our side.

Shame Wilcox, our characters didn't cross paths. How unfortunate, I was rather looking forward to it. Maybe next time, eh?
Ofc Marlight, thanks for the event, it was awesome. Indeed, its a shame, but unfortunately, i was feeling like someone clubbed me over the head, had like 40 degree fever on Wednesday. But we made up for it, on Thursday, and yes, it was awesome.

And thanks for the bump.
Tell me about it, I am sick myself and working at the same time so I had to take an evening to myself.

However, there is always next time.
We will be soon hitting the one year mark of our guilds existence and we are really happy about it. Anyone wishing to join us or just RP with us, feel free to find our recruiters in SW or even better, visit us directly in Keel Harbour where we have made our base.
Posted a bit late; but here are some screenshots of the RP-PVP event.


It was amazing.
Nice, thanks!
The Brigade has increased its activity somewhat, both with PvE content and the soon to start RP PvP campaigns, so feel free to find us in Keel harbour or ask around with one of our recruiters in Stormwind.
Some of our forces have remained in Gilneas, with the majority leaving to aid the Alliance forces in the battle on Zandalar. We are currently based in Vol'dun, so feel free to find us there, whether for RP or to join our ranks.
For gamers, by gamers.
15/11/2018 08:54Posted by Hobbs
For gamers, by gamers.

What now? *confused face*

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