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Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to read this topic. I am a 34 year old feral druid player looking for as the title states, not just a guild but a new home in game.


I first started playing wow 3 months after the game came out in Vanilla. I have played both casually and quite hardcore within a world top 50 guild. I love playing feral druid and my enthusiasm shines through.
I am now searching for a mythic raiding guild.

Currently 1/11 mythic - cleared 7/9 TOS mythic. Guldan Mythic etc

I am looking for the following please:

1/ Mythic raiding guild (prefer at least 4/11 progress)
2/ A mature guild. If you are all 20yr olds, I wont share your humour, and don't think it would work out.
3/ A stable guild that has been around for at least 5 years.
4/ Horde preferred but alliance considered if exceptional option.
5/ An active guild with an attractive realm. If people solely log in to raid, then it is not a homely option.
6/ English as first language
7/ If you had a Mythic team and a separate Normal or Heroic team within the guild, that would be ideal!

I offer in return:

A/ An exceptional player, yes indeed sounds arrogant. I am a quiet person who is confident. I do everything to the best of my ability, I do not talk back, I accept criticism and am a team player.
B/ I am a happy laid back person who will not be the chattiest in your guild, but am more of the strong performance quiet type.
C/ I have Exceptional experience in the game, from Raid leader to top 5 rankings.
D/ I bring strong logs
E/ Reliable, I show up to raids and outside of raids. I very much enjoy the social side of a guild group.
F/ if needed, I've always helped out with offspecs to help out a guild group ion mythic raids. I am happy to help out when needed.

Please feel free to ask any further questions you wish. I am happy to answer honestly.
Please do not copy paste responses, I have put effort into this post and look for the same from recruitment.

Thank you very much for your time, and hope you enjoy your day.
Thank you for messages so far, still searching.
Hey Spudnut.

I'm repressenting horde guild <Excesse> on haomarush.
We're a 5/11 mythic guild that's been around since vanilla.
Most of us are around 30 year (age span 22-58).

We're on a 3 day raiding schedule: Wednes- Thurs- and Sundays 19.30-23.00.
Also have an alt/social raid on fridays for those not out drinking.

We require indepth knowledge of your class and an attendance of 80% over an extended period of time.

Do you have any logs?

You can reach me on Poe#2713
Hi there,
Now I notice you are aiming for a guild of 5 years and more, unfortunately I cannot offer that, this is a goal that I am attempting to build currently. Something stable, social and at the same time demanding (raid / knowledge wise).
However you do look like a good possible fit for our guild <Aspira>.

If you would like further information on the guild please see the following link:

Our raid days & times are: (time is shown as WoW server time).
Wednesday 20:00-23:15
Thursday 20:00 - 23:15
Sunday 20:00 -23:15
We will also do alt runs and additional days but they are currently unforseen and will be optional.

Current progression:
Normal - 11/11
Heroic - 11/11
Mythic - 1/11

Any further information required regarding the guild, or you'd like to contact us directly. Please contact myself via Battle Tag @ Spazykii#2785, or Boklord#2982. Thank you.

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