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Twisting Nether
Who are we:

Aeon is an ex-hardcore raiding guild founded on the Twisting Nether realm. We achieved EN cutting edge as well as killing Mythic Odyn pre nerf.

But all that is in the past, now it’s time for !@#$, giggles and Heroic boss kills.

Raid Schedule:

We raid - Wednesday, Sunday. 8-11.

What we expect:

We expect our members to arrive ON TIME to raids (15m before raid start ideally), with FULL enchants, correct gems and correct talent/build for the encounter ahead. We also expect 100% focus during pulls during progress. There will be !@#$ ups, there will be giggles - and that's good, we want you to have a good time, but we also want the bosses down.

You don’t have to to min max, just perform 80-90% at your role and do the mechanics well. Take responsibility when you %^-* up, and be active on voice when we are looking to solve encounters.

What we provide:

In turn we will promise to provide you with a friendly, fun raiding atmosphere where you will get the purples you seek. There is also plenty of opportunity for hanging out and doing mythic+ during the week. Be loyal to the guild and your fellow raiders and we will pay you in kind.


We are primarily looking for ranged dps (all specs), and a healer, potentially an experienced tank. You don’t need amazing gear or skill, but be communicative and willing to learn.

All applications are considered.

Please reply to this thread or add me personally in-game for a chat.

GM: Callide#1769
Officer: Thomz#2951
Officer: Boab#2893
Update 11/11 hc now, We need a few more people for mythic:

Talented dps, melee and ranged.

Resto Druid and Holy Priest.

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