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Looking for Players – PvE
Hi, very interested in this! Please add me to chat Zod#2999
Hi, I am looking to join the guild

BNET - concam96#2224
Do you want to experience WoW in a friendly, social atmosphere. Then join us now.
Still going strong. Best and friendliest guild there is around.
I will contact you in game Concam
Still recruiting.
Sounds very interesting, how can we have a chat?
This sounds like my first guild back in BC.
Been playing Wow since the beginning, but only hit lvl 60 with my first char 6 days before BC came out. Had an awsome time in BC and Wrath, with a guild that sounds very much like what you describe here. After that I've been playing Wow on and off with breaks of several months to years.
It's not the expansions that made me quit, but actually the lack of a nice guild. Through the years I discovered that it's not so mucht the game that keeps me going but rather the people you play with. I don't mind the grinding so much if I know that it leads to being able to go into a raid with a bunch of people you know and have fun with. If the grinding is a purpose on it's own or leads to LFR's with a bunch of people you don't know, that yell at you for making mistakes and that want to get through it as fast as possible , then I loose intrest.
So I'm intrested in your guild. Made a new character on the server, willing to join your guild to see if I fit in. If it turns out good, I'm willing to transfer one or more of my high level characters to Silvermoon. Nor#2202
Thank you for applying. I will contact you in game. My battle tag is Thommy76#2493
We're growing as a guild. People are enjoying the friendly atmosphere we offer. You can fill out an application on our wrebsite:
Sick of pugging? Fed up with being charged through a dungeon by a power crazy (insert class/role here) tank? Come and join us for some good old fashioned fun!
Returning player? New player? Looking for a guild that let's you participate and have fun? Look no more!
Join us. Look us up.
Visit our website and see what we're all about at:
Doing better than ever.
I am a returning player, looking for a new home. Sadly most guilds I come across are pressing you to be online almost 24/7 to be the best of the best. And that is simply impossible with a household to run, a job and kids lol. So I'm looking for a guild with mature players that understand that sometimes there is more to life than just WoW (as strange as it may sound lol).

I've seen almost all of it. I started playing 9,5 years ago, was a hardcore raidhealer during WOTLK and Cata. I stepped back a bit during Pandaria. And during Draenor and Legion I had hardly any time to play. But, I missed it too much and now I'm back haha. Altho I don't have any desire to go back to hardcore raiding, I would like to just enjoy the game again and have fun with likeminded people.

What's the fun in playing a multiplayer game on your own?
We're actively recruiting again. Visit our website: Last Friday we organised a lvl 1 race from IF to BB. We're settting up a new Dungeon Progression Event in which lvl 10-15 chars level thro dungeons with guild groups. We're progressing in Antorus and we're taking some small steps in Antorus Heroic. Join us.
Visit our website: to read how we create a friendly and social environment.
Looking for a friendly and social environment to enjoy the game in a guild with members who help eachother out and group together to enjoy the content? Look no more, join Only Fools With Horses.

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