[H]Tarren mill <Day Four> 11/11 H 2/11 M are recruiting

Looking for Players – PvE
As seen in the Title Day Four are recruiting, we are looking to add:
1 ranged dps.

Due to the current progression we are looking for a raiders with similar progression as us to make sure we won't fall to far back due to switches of players in the raiding environment. So even if your spec/class is not listed we would still consider you if you'd like to apply.

Raiding Information:

Our mythic progression days are Monday and Thursday 20:15 till 23:30 (20:00 invites start) there will be a small break in the middle of these raids for coffee and bio breaks.

Loot Rules:

Our looting systems works with RC Loot Council. For us as a raiding team this seems to be the fairest way of deviding the loot between raiders.

Voice comms:

During raids we use Teamspeak3 as our voicecoms although we do also have a discord server. We do strongly believe Teamspeak to be the better voicecom in raiding environments due to its customization options.

Addons used:

Weak Aura's 2
Angry assignments
RC Loot Council

For more information do not hesitate to send us a message!

Framsida#2891 - Guild Master/Raid Leader
StroopWaffle#2607 - Officer
Dannyoz#2193 - Officer
Still looking to add a ranged dps (boomkin or warlock) and a Dps DK.
Boomkin here interested in applying. If ur still looking you can find me with my b-tag Crimerider#2837

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