942 holy paladin lfr

Looking for Players – PvE
Holy paladin on azuremyst with tank spec looking for a raiding guild to join experience of raiding is from end of WoD onwards.
I can raid Monday to Saturday after 8-8.30pm realm time and sundays after 7pm realm time. My current Ilvl is 942 but I have limited knowledge of the current raid as my guilds raid team collapsed after kiljaden hc due to rl I’m a fast learner so please help me
Hi Quicksilverv, would be good to talk to you to see if we could offer you a raid spot. If you can add me on Btag that would be great. We are currently 2/11 mythic in Antorus and are looking for one or two more to help us push on with the next bosses. We also run a raid on a thursday which is a normal full clear which maybe ideal for you to get an idea of the raid etc.

Hopefully here from you soon.

I have found a guild for now thank you for posting if the guild doesn’t suit me I’ll keep your guild in mind thx

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