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Looking for Players – PvE
Hey all!

I am an (i)mature swedish, almost 30 y/o guy

I am looking for a guild who would like to have an extra good melee dpser. Im curved but I dont have any previous mythic experience.

I want to experience endgame with people who are fun and social but with a winning mentality, people who demand results and take their raiding seriously while having great fun along the way :)

LF for a guild who raid max 3 times a week at around 20-23

I have great knowledge of my class and im a fast learner!

I am willing to transfer
Hope to hear from you soon!
Hey mate,

Shinra Incorporated - Draenor 2/11 Mythic is looking for DPS. We raid Wednesday and Monday 20-23 server time.

You seem like a good fit, add me on bnet for a chat: arwyn#21298
Hey there,

Maverick - Silvermoon are currently recruiting a strong rogue like yourself :D

We are currently 11/11hc and will begin mythic once we have atleast 20 reliable raiders.

Here is a link to our main forum post:

If you throw me a btag add I am up for a chat at nearly any time :) Konotsu#2765

Good luck with your guild hunt!
Thanks for the replies. Still looking!

<Augmented> on silvermoon are currently looking for all DPS to progress through mythic with us.

We are 2/11 mythic and raid Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00-23:00 server time.

if you want to learn more here is a link to our post!
Hey mate . <<Ephemeral>> Currently 1/11 Mythic @Draenor is LF some dps in order to expand our roster . If you are interested just add me Tellos#21312.

Check and reply there if you want also ^^
Maybe Solid Liquid could be of interest, also located on Twisting Nether, 5/11M and raid 3 times/week. Raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 19-23 ST. We are currently looking for a rogue to join our raiding team.

If interested make an application at or find an officer online for a chat.
hi there Eredinn!

You sound like the perfect fit for Metaphor! Pls add me for a chat : timo#2301.

We are 11/11hc and starting Mythic next reset.

Hope tonhear from you ;)!
Hey man Vicinity of obscenity Frostmane are looking to fill out our DPS roster
11/11hc and looking for more members raid weekends 20-23 ST
/w Numlock#21955

You may be interested in joining Acheron - Aggramar. We are mature, casual mythic raiding guild which raids on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays 20.30 - 23.00 CET leaving plenty of time for real life. Our Heroic clears are on Mondays in which socials are welcome as well.

Currently we are looking for people for our mythic progress roster, which requires great knowledge of their class and will to improve. If you believe you are the one, make application on our website which you can find below. Seeing how you don't have previous mythic raiding experience, we would probably like you to join our Heroic run on Monday to see how you do if you are interested of course :)

For any questions, you can contact me on discord Syllo C-137#7700 or bnet Silch#2606

Our wowprogress:

Our website:
Hi Eredinn,

If you're willing to consider migration + faction change we are a 2/11 mythic guild on Ravencrest (alliance).

We have reformed on this server before Antorus after having roster issues on a DEAD server. We'd be interested in a chat with you.

Our recruitment post:

Feel free to contact me: Unlike#2873 on BNET
hello :)

we are 3/11 m (almost 4 /11) guild with 2 raiding days from 7:30 to 10:30 realm time on thursdays and sundays. we are located on horde stormrage and we would like to have another rouge in the roster :)

if that interests u, poke me at ashkani#2133 so we can dive in deeper discussions
Hello there,

Im from Concerted a raiding guild located on Silvermoon EU, not sure if you willing to go alliance but might aswell try. We are currently at 11/11 HC and looking for last few members to get into mythic and could really benefit from a skilled rogue.

We do take our raid serious but we still manage to joke around and have a nice time after all we play to have fun.

Our raiding times are Thursday, Sunday, Monday 19.45 to 22.45

If you are interested or just looking for more info either add me on bnet or have a look at our website.
Bnet: KriffKraff#2974

Hope to hear from you :)
Hey buddy,

We have a spot for you in our raid group looking at your parses we can see you know your stuff.

Have a look at our website and apply if you like the look of it, all our raid details are on the website :)

We're currently 6/11 M and progressing on Kin'garoth this week currently got 30% wipes.

We dont have a rogue in the group and we feel you would be a great addition to the team.

Cheers, look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you all for the replies!
I've found a new home and i'm no longer looking for a new guild.

Good luck all!

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