Resto Shaman LF Progression Raid Guild

Hi Ravencrest,

I am a returning WOTLK player on a fresh account after many years away. I am looking to get back into committed progression raiding and to join a guild for the long run.

About me:
I'm 25, from the UK and work nights.

I have always played Resto Shaman (O/S Ele Prof: Herb/Alch Cauldrons Rank 2), I know the class well and keep up with theorycrafting. I have voice coms & discord.

I'm available to raid Wed/Thu/Fri nights.

Previous experience:
VW 4/4 TBC 8/8 WOTLK 9/9 MOP/WOD N/A. RF for all Legion Dungeons



What I am looking for:
A small (no-socials) guild with a strong core raid team that requires a resto shaman.

1-2 raid nights, I prefer longer raids to 1-2 hour outings.

Progression minded with previous mythic experience.

A decent name is always good, as it will be permanently displayed on my character.

If you can offer the above and are looking for an experienced returning healer then please post below.


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